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The subsequent offspring formed the foundation of the American Bobtail breed.Contrary to its rugged appearance, the American Bobtail is not a "wild" cat, but descends from naturally occurring bobtailed cats found in the wild.

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All tabbies, in fact, have this ticked or agouti background in their coats (whereby each individual hair shaft is banded with different colors); however, superimposed on this ticked background is a particular dark pattern such as mackerel, spotted, or blotched.

Through more than 85 years of selective breeding, these dark patterns have been nearly eliminated from the Abyssinian breed, and this is what makes them so unique.

There is little or no doubt that Abyssinian cats developed in England, for there is no record of any Abyssinian cat imported there.

Story credit: The Abyssinian Home Page www2.serve.com/Baton Rouge Aegean Cat Breed Country of origin Greece The Aegean cat (only native Greek breed of cat.) originated from the Cycladic Islands of Greece and its development was started by the breeders in fledgling Greek Cat Fancy in early 1990.

Characteristics of the Aegean cat Aegean cat has a semi longhaired coat without any down hair and has a rich tail.

This coat provides a good protection to the body in the extreme cold climatic conditions.But there’s a reason for every car being here — make, mark, history, previous owner, condition, memories.Then it was about creating a living memory of the past 80 years of the British car industry.’Dr Hull is a retired dentist (he hung up his drill three years ago due to ill health) who made his vast fortune in cosmetic dentistry and lives with his wife Nova and their three young children in a red-stone castle in Herefordshire that he designed himself.‘I have two things in my memory.They are described by fond owners as "fun, friendly, talkative, outgoing, and great climbers." American Bobtails are great family cats, and get along well with other animals and children.If you feel the "call of the wild," you might consider an American Bobtail cat as a companion.Ears are wide having rounded tips and are covered with hairs.

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