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They are a great agency in building up new colonies, ex- tracting, etc.

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Gives the correct meaning of nearly 500 apicultural terms.

It tells how to propagate strawberries, raspberries, blacaberries, currants, gooseberries, grapes, quinces, peaches, apr.cots, plums, cherries, pears and apples, with cuts showing how to bud, graft and propagate from layers, etc.


To all others, $1.00 more than the subscription price.

Quinby's "Mysteries of Bee-Keeping," entirely re-written by his'son-in-law, Price, $1.50. Fasten the hinges, and put in a spiral spring 5 inches above the hinged end of the sec- tion-board ; the spring forces the sec- tion-board from the heater. To learn to operate it, one has only to pickup a section with the left hand, and a starter with the right hand from the foundation box, placing section over the spacer, with the starter on the spacer near the bottom, slightly pressing with each thumb on the starter, when a slight push with* the hand will bring the metal tongue through between the section and starter. A few hundred instead of thousands, will serve a large aptary.

I have had only two swarms as yet — on June 1 and 13, and one that came to me the first week' in June. On the lower end of the short, or sec- tion-board, place two hinges, and put the board at its proper place by holding the hinges down with one hand, and moving the board back and forth on the heating-plate, letting the plate rub the upper side of the slot. Don't wait until a honey-flow is rap- idly passing or gone, before you have your bees ana surplus cases ready for business, then curse the bees or profes- sion for being a delusion. Don't fail to cut out all excess of drone comb, for drones are heavy con- sumers, and bring nothing in.

Intended for FREE distribution in the bee-keepers' locality, in order to create a Local Market. Price, 100 for 50 cents; 500for.oo; l,0u0 for .25. Bees in Winter, Chaff - Packing-, Bee Houses and Cellars. Doolittle.— It details his management of bees and methods for the production of honey.

3.— How to Keep Honey, and preserve its richness and flavor.

Newman.— A Record and Account Book for the Apiary devoting two pages to each colony.

Newman.— It contains the Parliamentary Law and Rules of Order for Bee- Conventions— also Constitution and By-Laws, with Subjects for Discussion. Bee-Keepers' Guide, or Manual of the Apiary, by Prof. It comprises a full delineation of the anatomy and physiology of bees.

Postage to all Countries in the Postal Union is SO cents extra.

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