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In recent years DNA has become the "gold standard" for personal identification.There are many DNA collection kits available, but it is simple for you to collect a sample on your own.The envelope should be labeled and stored in a cool, dry and readily accessible place.

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One of the most important tools for law enforcement when searching for a missing child is an up-to-date, good quality photo along with descriptive information.

A Child ID kit is a simple yet effective tool to help families maintain current photos of and descriptive information about their children.

Medical records, such as X-rays, permanent scars, blemishes, birthmarks and documentation of broken bones, can be helpful in identifying a recovered child.

NCMEC does not host Child ID events but partners with select companies and organizations sponsoring free Child ID events for families.

Dependency determination can be done for a child 21 years of age who is incapacitated; parents, and parent-in-laws, provided the sponsor is supporting these dependents with at least 50% of their living expenses.

Sponsor's birth certificate, if it is the sponsor's parent, spouse's birth certificate and marriage certificate, if the spouse's parent.It is recommended parents or guardians are the only ones to permanently store their child's identifying information.DNA samples are useful to law enforcement in the case of identifying a child's remains.If the parent has medical problems, a medical statement is required.Hours of Operation:0715 - 1600 hours Mon - Fri Closed for lunch 1130-1300 For More Information: Call (210) 221-1502/1656 Function: Prepares reservations and issues tickets for all OCONUS travel (TDY and PCS) for all civilian, permanent party, students and their dependents.If your organization or school is looking to host a Child ID event, NCMEC recommends checking with your local law enforcement agency to see if they offer a program. Some service/community groups and retailers also sponsor events.

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