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962/13), Hunter New England Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC Reference No.

13/06/19/4.04) and the University of Newcastle Human Research Ethics Committee (Reference No. Women were eligible for inclusion if they met the following criteria: ≤24 weeks gestation, aged ≥18 years, no current medical conditions (including gestational diabetes), ownership of or access to a smartphone capable of using the freely downloadable app Evernote for smartphones and computers (Mobile and desktop app software, 2016 Evernote Corporation, Redwood City, CA, USA), and willingness to attend two in-person sessions. Recruitment for DBBB was conducted in Tamworth, a regional inland town in New South Wales (NSW), and Newcastle, the second largest city in NSW, Australia.

Images can be transferred to a dietitian or other trained individual for analysis and interpretation, shifting the onus of estimating portion size from the individual to the dietitian [16].

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Pictured are adults and children receiving treatment for a suspected chemical attack in eastern Ghouta.

The UN experts monitoring Pyongyang's export of prohibited ballistic missile, conventional arms and dual use goods discovered more than 40 previously unreported shipments to Syria between 20...Sir John Sawers, ex head of MI6, said he doubted Mrs May's ability to boost Britain's global standing in the post-Brexit world.

Weighing or estimating all foods may be burdensome for individuals, requiring high levels of motivation to keep accurate records [10], and accuracy can decrease if records need to be kept for more than four days [11].

The process of keeping records may result in changes to usual intake [12,13], and the act of keeping the records themselves requires a degree of numeracy and/or literacy skill from individuals [14,15].

The current study evaluated relative validity of the Diet Bytes image-based dietary assessment method for assessing energy and nutrient intakes.

Pregnant women collected image-based dietary records (via a smartphone application) of all food, drinks and supplements consumed over three non-consecutive days.

A group of UN experts have accused North Korea of sending ballistic missile and chemical weapons components to Syria along with missile technicians in violation of UN sanctions.

Syria is accused of of using chemical weapons against rebel-controlled areas including recently in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta.

The study aimed to: (1) assess the relative validity of image-based dietary records for assessment of intake of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian pregnant women, against three 24-h (24-R) food recalls; (2) assess the inter-rater reliability between two independent dietitians in assessing 3-day image-based dietary records and 24-R recalls in a sub-sample of participants ( = 10); (3) assess the quality of image-based dietary records and voice/text description for analysis; (4) assess the perceived usability and acceptability of the image-based dietary assessment method by the pregnant women.

DBBB was approved by the following ethics committees; Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council Ethics Committee (Reference No.

Dietary assessment methods may be susceptible to bias, including under-reporting of energy intake [8,9].

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