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You could place flags on each pile of poop with a message on them like “my neighbor left this in my yard”.I also think it is a great idea to get their address (say, if you know which house they live it…and, yes, I think it is ok to subtly stalk them to find this out) and mail them a box of poop bags.No one likes to be told they are wrong so this is a touchy one.

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If the offender is someone who is letting their dog poop in your yard and leaving it, there are several ways I have seen people deal with this.

On the more subtle end of the scale, I have seen people post signs in their yard that say “no pooping” or “Please pick up after your pet”.

COM) – Residents at the Sable Ridge Condominium complex say they’ll never forget the sound.

Michael Issa says the eight gunshots that rang out Monday morning scared him.

I know they exist because of the abandoned dog poop piles I see. What do these people tell themselves to make leaving dog poop on the ground ok?

I find abandoned dog poop piles more often in the City than I do in the woods…and a lot of times sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. Do they live in a vacuum so they don’t know it is rude or a problem for water quality?Do they not know it contaminates stream and lake water and can make people sick? What about the person who lets their dog poop in someone else’s yard and leaves it? , on Dogster is very enlightening and gives you a glimpse into what people on both sides of the fence are thinking.Let’s say you DID see the person start to walk away from their dog’s poop.Issa said, “From what I’m hearing now, they’ve had a lot of arguments over the pet dog, urinating on that balcony.But as far as I know personally, I’ve never heard them argue or fight.” Resident Gilbert Leal says, “It’s very sad. When I saw and heard it was her, how do you take this? It’s very sad.” Neighbors say the problem was the dog went to the bathroom on the balcony, which often dripped downstairs onto the suspect’s balcony. Leal says the suspect often complained to condo management about the problem.Police believe the shooting was the result of an ongoing dispute between the couple and their accused shooter, an elderly man who lived downstairs from them.

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