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[He was named Cymbeline by Shakespeare.] His heirs were his sons, Togodumnus and Caratacus.

On their death of their father, Togodumnus inherited his father’s kingdom (thus indicating that he was the elder son) whilst his brother Caratacus immediately set out to conquer other tribes of southern England.

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The Battle of the Medway can reasonably be described as one of the two most important battles in British history.

The author of this essay is happy to conduct tours of the battlefield.

(Round brackets, however, are used as normal punctuation.) To assist the reader, current English place names have normally been used.

This essay considers the role of II Legion from AD 43 to 45 and its part in the Roman invasion of Britain.

The invasion marks the boundary between British pre-history and history.

With the Romans in control of what we now call England and Wales, civilisation had arrived. This was in great contrast to the position before AD 43.The essay thus makes no attempt to be an academic document, although the author is very willing to attempt to justify any of his statements.Consequently there are no footnotes [although helpful additional comments and inessential information are provided in square brackets].This essay is in four parts: Part One outlines the situation before the Roman invasion; Part Two considers the invasion excluding Vespasian’s campaigns; Part Three speculates on Vespasian’s campaign in AD 43; Part Four imagines his campaigns in AD 44 and 45.As part of his research, David Young has consulted many texts and walked for nearly 600 miles across southern England with his wife, Pauline, including the whole journey from Richborough to Exeter.There is some disagreement amongst historians about their exact geographical locations but judgements on these are not important to this essay. The Trinovantes lived in the areas we know as south Suffolk and Essex. When Julius Caesar briefly invaded in 54 BC, this tribe was one of the strongest in southern Britain.

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