Private sex cams no credit card needed - Aaliyah dating damon dash

The dog collar tells the whole story (represents enslavement, sex slave, submission, etc).

i believe they dress these celebrity sex slaves in this attire as advertisment for the 'elite' who use sex slaves on a regular. For those of you who was familiar with Aaliyah's look, she was well-known for the hair over the 'one eye' look.

This is how mind control works, especially when trying to produce 'sex-kitten' alters or split the mind into different personalities.

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MJ was singing songs about love and sex at 8 years old, which is highly inappropiate.

SUGGESTION THAT AALIYAH MAY HAVE BEEN A SEX SLAVE There are clues that link to aaliyah's possible mind control alters.

Damon himself admitted they didn't even see each other that much because she always had a busy schedule....(Was damon dash only seeing Aaliyah on a scheduled occurence to 'update' aaliyah's programming?

) After Aaliyah's death, reports surfaced that Aaliyah had sexual relations with Jay Z (a known freemason and parnter of Damon Dash).

For those that are not familiar with MK ultra, it is easier to become a target for mind control if you have one or two parents who are already in the entertainment industry. Also, I learned that Aaliyah went to a Roman Catholic school growing up before going to the Detroits Performing Arts school.

Roman Catholic Schools are known to house 'mind controlled' children.

The fact that she played such an evil part could give some insight on her sacrafice.

Many mk ultra slaves are forced to play parts that replicate some type of evil force and then are slaughtered/sacraficed in the end.

) Jay z is a handler in the entertainment industry (currently he is the handler of Rihanna and Beyonce) which could lead to the fact that Damon could have been Aaliyah's handler right before her death.

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