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• November 18, 2005 PM How is such fraud a problem with Western Union's security?

The real problem is the scammer posing as a legitimate offer. Instead of going after the easy (and useless) target, we need to see if we can use the conduit to help catch the bad guy. Should WU really be obligated to protect their stupid customers from themselves?

they theoretically have a definite motivation to /promote/ the fraudulent transactions *I* have a theoretical motive to promote fraudulent transactions that make me money, but that doesn't mean I do it. Do you have any reason to believe otherwise about WU? I don't see why this is a problem with WU's security. • November 18, 2005 PM @jammit: Napster's business model was ruled to be based *primarily* on promoting illegal transactions.

The illegality comes from the circumstances surrounding the transfer, but that's outside WU's involvement.

• November 18, 2005 PM To add a bit to Don's comment, and at the risk of soundling like a shill for WU, they do ask for additional information in certain circumstances.

If you shut down Western Union, Money Gram, VIgo and all the other wire transfer services, folks will find some other means of separating the gullible from their money.

I don't agree with the notion that Western Union is a willing accomplice, and that increasing their liability will address the underlying problem.

Re ebay: my point is not that WU has little motivation to correct anything; it's that they theoretically have a definite motivation to /promote/ the fraudulent transactions.

Check their fees--transferring US00 to Canada using the "Money In Minutes" option nets them US in fees.

Large sums require Social Security numbers, you need to present ID to pick up your money, etc.

I have often seen espoused in this forum the ridiculousness of restrictions placed on internet access because some bad actors use it for ill gotten gains.

How are the two things different (if we can ignore that one of these things whizzed on a music monopoly, not to name names here).

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