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If your best bench is 250 pounds or less, use one pair of 1/2-inch-link chains; these weigh 23 pounds a set, so you are locking out an extra 11.5 pounds.

A 350 or more bencher should use one pair of 5/ 8-inch-link chain.

Bob Young would use 275-315 on the bar, with about 200 pounds of tension from the bands.

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On speed day for the bench, while doing the 8-10 sets of 3 reps, the chains are attached in the following manner.

Loop a 1/4-inch-link chain with a hook around the bar sleeve to regulate the height of the 5/8-inch-link chain (5 feet long).

George Halbert recently benched 688 at 235 to capture the world record at 242. Only two people can claim to hold a world record bench in two weight classes: George Halbert and Dave Waterman. With an army of 800 squatters, 22 to be exact, when we experiment and establish results, they are sound and proven. First use a set of 1/4-inch-link chains that attach to the bar sleeves.

We also have a 755 squat-ter at 165 and a 782 squatter at 181. We suspend a metal ring from the 1/4 inch chains, which regulates height of the 5/8 chain from the floor.

For floor pressing, simply drape the 5/8 inch chain over the sleeve of the bar and you’re ready. George will use 200 pounds of chain (5 sets of chain) and works up to a single. On max effort day, do board presses with four 2 x 6’s. To make it as tough as possible, use several bands.

His best at a bodyweight of 220 is 440 plus 200 pounds of chain, which is 640 at the top. Loop the bands through the bottom supports of the bench and then around the sleeve of the bar. Lower the bar straight down, aiming between the nipples and chin, stop 4-5 inches off the chest, and press back up. A Westside supporter who con-stantly bugs me with some of the craziest ideas actually came up with an exercise that really works.

Attach a set of blue bands to the top of the power rack with a slip knot. This builds tremendous power at lockout, which is perfect for bench shirts.

Bands and chains have helped to increase our list of 550 benchers at Westside to 17.

Run the 5/8 chain through the metal loop and adjust it so that half of the 5/8 chain is lying on the floor while the bars in the rack. For example, if your max is 500, put 300 pounds on the bar.

When the bar is on your chest, only the weight of the bar should be on your chest; that is, all the 5/8 chain should be on the floor.

High pulls with the pink or green bands are also great.

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