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“We in a small way are trying to create environments where another generation can embrace it and learn it.”Where to get a taste of Yiddish“Reflections of a Lost Poet”: Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center, North Miami Beach, through Dec. South Pattaya of Pattaya Tai (พัทยาใต้) is not the southern-most part of Pattaya as the name suggests but the are is next to the southern end of Pattaya Beach.Supporters are using clubs, plays, music, lectures and classes to keep it “It will never die,” said Miriam Hoffman, a Coral Springs resident and retired Yiddish professor at Columbia University. Many aficionados say they hold on to the language because of its connection to their ancestors.

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It is a home of a large statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva which is situated in the middle of the pool.

The premise also exhibits other sculptures and miniatures of significant and figures in Chinese history.

It’s not taught in South Florida schools, public or private, and many of its most ardent enthusiasts have died.

But Yiddish, the beloved language of many Eastern European Jews and their descendants, refuses to succumb to these staggering obstacles. Some Orthodox Jews still speak it in their families and secular American Jews often employ Yiddish expressions because they believe there are no similar words in English -- such as “chutzpah,” or nerve, and “meshugah,” or crazy.

It is a popular spot amogst the tourists, especially at the sunset and at night when the city is lit up. How to get there: From Sukhumvit Rd., turn right at the road sign to South Pattaya.

Wat Khao Phra Bat, the Monument of Kromluang Chomphonkhetudomsak, the founding Father of modern Thai Navy, Phra Phut Sukhothai Cholatan, Buddha image in Subduing Mara gesture and Thai Navy's radio station are also located on the hilltop. Turn left at the first traffic light, continue until reaching a-5-way intersection. and turn right again towards Royal Cliff Beach Garden Resort. There is a parking lot catering up to 40 - 50 cars.

There are shops stores, restaurants, bars, discotheques and nightclubs, opening until very late at night.

Wang Sam Sien Wang Sam Sien is located amongst a verdant surrounding with a panoramic view of Pattaya city.

Hoffman wrote a Yiddish play, “Reflections of a Lost Poet,” which stars her son, actor Avi Hoffman. 24 at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center in North Miami Beach.

The play, which traces the life of unsung Polish poet Itzik Manger, is performed in Yiddish with subtitles projected in English and Spanish.

We offer a true “experience” like a mini theme park where you are transported back over 100 years and play the part of a famous London detective with your colleagues trying to solve a murder mystery.

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