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American forces invaded Afghanistan in 2001, but according to the Defense Department’s inspector general report, U. military personnel “may not have known to report allegations of child sexual abuse” up the chain of command until September 2015.

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Officers noted how tall he was, the fact that he had the beginnings of a moustache and seriously doubted his claim to be just 13 at the time of the alleged abuse of the girl.

At 13 he was under the age of legal responsibility but prosecutor Corinna Gögge rejected a plea from Emily's father to force him to undergo a test to determine his age.

“It doesn’t seem [the Pentagon] is treating this with the urgency they should,” Leahy told the .

“It has already taken too long.” The independent report by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) is believed to offer a fuller assessment of the U. military’s response to allegations of sexual abuse by Afghan soldiers and police.

An Afghan boy who was held as a child sex slave walks with a relative at a unidentified location in Afghanistan. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) has accused the Defense Department of having sought to block an outside investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse by American allies in Afghanistan, saying the Pentagon gave favor to its own assessment over an independent probe requested by Congress.

reported this week that the independent inquiry sought by Congress in 2015 was submitted for review in February, yet remains classified despite having been completed five months before the Pentagon concluded its own investigation.

The inspector general report reviewed 16 allegations of abuse involving Afghan officials reported to the Pentagon between 20, yet it cautioned that due to inconsistent reporting procedures and the lack of a unified guidance on reporting child sexual abuse, it could not confirm whether that number represents all reported allegations.

In the report, investigators said they did not identify any official guidance that “discouraged” American personnel from reporting incidents of child sex abuse.

The Department of Defense’s Office of the Inspector General began reviewing Pentagon guidance for troops deploying to Afghanistan following a series of news stories in 2015 about widespread pedophilia by Afghan police and soldiers. troops who said their commanders had shrugged their shoulders when they reported concerns about possible abuse.

Primarily at issue is Afghanistan’s entrenched custom of “bacha bazi,” or the sexual abuse of boys, who are forced to dress in girls’ clothes, dance and have sex with older men. “Personnel we interviewed explained that they, or someone whom they knew, were told informally that nothing could be done about child sexual abuse because of Afghanistan’s status as a sovereign nation, that it was not a priority issue for the command, or that it was best to let the local police handle it,” the report states.

Soon after he fled to Malmo in Sweden where he has registered as a refugee using the name Ahmed M. The family in Germany who took him in have asked Sweden to investigate him.

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