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This image shows how Hillbrow streets are clean and not filthy as people think. " data-medium-file=" " data-medium-file=" During a visit to one of my friend’s places, at the High Point Building, the same friend tried to kill me by throwing me out of the open window.

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I just bought you a drink and chips so we have to go! I did not understand that he meant Zimba chips and I thought that he meant fresh potato chips so I started arguing with him.

He beat me up again until I had bruises on my face.

Since 2006, the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS) has explored the use of creative methodologies with more traditional qualitative research methods in social science research.

These projects, including Working the City, engage in the co-production of knowledge through the development of partnerships with migrant groups; a central focus is the involvement of under-represented migrant groups that face multiple vulnerabilities to collectively develop methods that ensure that their voices are heard and seen.

My friend explained how she earned a living at the hotel.

I agreed to the idea to sell sex since there was no other alternative for me to earn a living at that moment and time.

Being a once married woman, it was tough at first to work as a sex worker but after two weeks I made up my mind not to blame myself for what I was doing because surely I had to pay the bills and buy something to eat. The cardinal problem at the hotel is that the security guards and the management really abuse me and force me to have sex with them without paying like other clients.

This really bothers me because if I don’t agree they will chase me away at night and this means that my room will be given to another person.

Central areas of investigation relate to issues of social justice in relation to migration, with a specific focus on sexuality, gender, health, and policy.

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