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I immediately got a weird feeling in my belly like something bad was about to happen.

Then, one second later, we see Boba lift his tiny back leg and proceed to urinate all over the man’s leg.

It happened too fast to stop him and I didn’t want to yell to bring more attention to the scene.

My favorite piece of jewelry is obviously my wedding ring. She’s got a big personality and always makes people laugh. I still have yet to get a pair, but it’s been on my list for months!

A great weekend is starting the days with doing something active with the dogs, like go on a hike or for a long walk. So it really just makes me feel grateful & inspired that I get to be part of it. He’s young and gets very interested in things, borderline obsessed. There’s something mysterious about him, but extremely talented (…at tricks and stuff). I go back and forth between Kourtney and Khloe Boba was just a puppy, not even a year old yet, and we had just adopted him from my brother-in-law.

After a few really long stays with us back-to-back, we offered to just keep him forever.

After seeing our bond and the other dogs’ bond with Boba, and knowing his busy lifestyle, he let us keep him!

During the TIFF red carpets, meeting and chatting with some of Canada’s own top talent is nothing if but a true testament as to why the Toronto International Film Festival succeeds. ) Such is the case with host Aliya-Jasmine, who always brings her trademark style and charm to the cameras on MTV Canada.’s Julian Brass caught up with the ravishingly beautiful AJ at the Teenage Paparazzo after party at Brant House to talk TIFF, why the parties are hot, and to get a little, well, flustered. Stay up-to-date with all things TIFF by tuning into Notable TV, and keep checking for the latest interviews and info from TIFF 2011.

I had the chance to talk to her about why she’s now entering the blogosphere and where she hopes to grow it from here.

Taylor Shold: What is you new blog all about and where can people find it? ( H|S for short) is a new blog about Sports & Lifestyle…

In between hosting red carpets, this sweet-as-pie bombshell seeks out LA’s hidden nature trails to give her wolf pack the sense of normalcy they had back home.

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