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For taxation purpose, you are resident of CA and will be paying taxes on earnings. Pd: EB3, Aug 04 I 140 : Jan 07 485: Jul 07 check your AP application here if is says approved then call your attorney. I was aware I was dreaming(One of those lucid dreams) but I let it continue. Please click on the poll for data gathering purposes. usually this AP approval goes to attorney if you use attorney during the filling.

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In 2007, she made her screen debut in an episode of Discovery Channel's "A Haunting".

The following year, she was signed to make a cameo in the music video for Ludacris' "What Them Girls Like" and immediately captured the attention of Kanye West.

However, prosecutors say she mostly used nonsterile, industrial silicone, not the medical-grade silicone that is encased in implants during standard cosmetic surgeries."I told [clients] I've been doing this for years, I've done it to myself and my friends, and I was trained by a nurse up in Washington Heights [in New York City] back in 1995," Windslowe said Friday, explaining her credentials.

On the stand Thursday, Windslowe said she was trained by a doctor in Thailand and another in South America who performed her sex-change operation.

Does it differs from each of the consulate office in India ?? Infact with approval of I-485-- EAD becomes defunt/invalid.

Because I heard from some of my friends, that lately the US consulate in India does the back ground checking for the dependent visa(H4) and it takes minimum of 4 weeks of time to approve the VISA and send it to you. Suggest you hire a good attorney and you can resolve this in your favour. My limited understanding about the GC process is that from the day I-485 is filed, a person may change his/her job only after 180 days or more, and of course by filing AC 21. You will need EAD based upon pending I-485 to switch jobs...

She, moreover, also made cameos in the music videos for Young Jeezy's "Vacation", Nicki Minaj's "Massive Attack", Fabolous' "You Be Killin' Em", and Wiz Khalifa's "No Sleep".

In line with her high rising profile, she snatched a part in Russell Simmons' reality show, "Running Russell Simmons".

For first time H1B stamping, do we have to get it done in our Home country (India in my case)? I am currently on my OPT and have applied for my H1B visa. Thanks Roshni Hi- My H1 visa is getting expired in Sep'08 and I will be going to to India during Nov'08 for my wedding, followed by my H1 Visa stamping/H4 for my wife at Chennai Consulate.

My question is, in a normal scenario how long does it takes for the H4 dependent Visa approval/Passport Issue ? There is nothing like filing AC21, you may or may not inform uscis about changing job/new employer Once your I-485 is approved you DONOT need EAD.

But she stopped after her father died in 2003 because she "didn't feel good about it anymore."The names she used on bank cards and mail deliveries before and after Aderotimi's death included birth name Forrest Gordon, the more feminine Foreest Leona Gordon, and Foreest Leona Giordani."I thought it sounded like a movie star name, so I liked it," she said of the last name.

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