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Also, Sasha has gotten hold of a surgeon in Europe who can help Payson, but her parents don't know what to tell her.Written by Chris Green Kaylie, Emily, and Lauren didn't make it to the Nationals in London, but they still have a chance at Beijing. Meanwhile, Payson has mixed feelings about taking the surgery.Unfortunetly, Sasha will only take the job if Steve puts Lauren back at The Rock.

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Sasha also has an issue: Finding a new manager for The Rock.

Written by Chris Green With Kim Keeler as the new manager of The Rock, she and the other moms decide to have a mother/daughter fashion show to raise money so that the girls can go to the Nationals. Sasha and Marty decide to have a competition between The Rock and Denver.

Tanner steps in taking Lauren and Marty to Denver Elite.

While the Rock parents try to figure out what to do next, Payson and Kaylie decide to head to Denver to confront Lauren and Marty.

He also decided to put the top two students, Kayle and Nicky, together for a routine. Emily hasn't heard from Damon in days and she's getting worried.

Written by Chris Green Payson invites the girls to her first high school prom.Written by Chris Green Emily's slip up cost The Rock it's win over Denver.Furious with her for not following his orders, Sasha takes Emily out of the Nationals and kicks her out of The Rock.Once Emily finds out she insists on tagging along which means Becca has to go too. Written by dancer-78647 After Marty quits, Steve Tanner has to find a new head coach.He contacts Marty's old friend and former opponent, Sasha Beloff.Now, Emily must prove to Sasha that he can trust her.

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