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" From there on out, he managed to keep quiet, but a lot of guys are much bigger babies.

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Despite the small talk and the cranked AC, he was still sweating like crazy as I ripped the first strip of wax off his testicles. The next strip must have hurt even more, because he screamed out "Oh, fuck!

" A woman in the next treatment room who'd heard him started to laugh and hollered, "Come on, big guy, it doesn't hurt that much!

He relaxed a little when I started with the skin surrounding his testicles, because that part doesn't hurt all that much.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend, and he said, "Of course!

Breaking Them In Waxing a guy's private parts is a whole lot more complicated than doing a woman's.

A girl can just lie there and zone out, but a guy needs to help me by holding his penis out of the way and pulling the skin on his testicles taut.

I think guys just needed a place that advertised specifically to them so that they didn't feel like waxing was only for chicks.

Most of the guys who come in are straight, successful, and good-looking.

He would have fit in perfectly lurking around the X-rated section of a magazine stand.

As soon as I got started, I had to fight back my gag reflex because he had clearly not showered for…I don't even want to think how long. Like, not just a little bit—we're talking full salute.

The other day, I had a typical new customer come in: late 20s, cute, dressed casually. He was hanging on my every word as I told him what to do, and I could see little drops of perspiration on his forehead.

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