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The memorial was designed byarchitect moinul hossain, and is dedicated to the sacred memory of themillions of unknown martyrs of the 1971 war of liberation.But there are some buses which only take passengers ifseats are available (at least in theory, but compared to the otherbuses they are usually not very crowded) and you have to buy a ticketat one of the bus counters in advance.

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Trains from kolkata to dhaka departtuesdays and saturdays, and the reverse departs tuesdays and sundays. Afull meal will usually run less than the equivalent of one us dollar,although fish will push it closer to two.

Here you willget some good continental, mexican, chinese, thai and some goodseafood restaurants.

Foreigners should stick to larger,organized, and unfortunately a little expensive, food outlets.

It was the place where independence leader sheikh mujiburraman delivered a historic oath of independence speech before the 1971war, and then ironically where the pakistani army surrendered a fewmonths later.

Imported chocolate is especially expensive -and usually not in the best condition as it gets melted andre-solidified daily in the tropical heat.

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[ 1,211, -229] I guarantee viewer ratings if he gets on. He's considered the best among idols and has exceptional dance skills with perfect live singing.

[ 1,039, -217] Talent wise, he's more than good enough for the show.

I just want to see him perform on a musi related show. I'm sure it'll drum up a lot of interest back into the show. [ 4,612, -638] I want to see him sing his heart out ㅎㅎㅎ!! He's grown to be an amazing musician in that time and I think the public deserves to see him.

why would a singer who can't even get on music shows be able to get on 'I Am a Singer'? [ 2,399, -276] With criminals on TV, it's pathetic that someone innocent is being kept off TV for six years.

There are manyborder crossings, but the most popular is the one atharidaspur/benapole, located on the highway between dhaka and kolkata.

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