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Argentina and Uruguay also became home to Jews from Syria, Turkey and other parts of the Middle East.

The Jewish population in these countries is well-integrated and assimilation has increased.

They intermarried with the Mayan natives and gave birth to the Coreano community of Yucatan.

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The late Zulen is honored in both Peruvian and Chinese circles.

A library on the campus of Peru's Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos is named after him.

During the independence war, the lieutenant of Guerrero, the Afro-Mexicano leader of the revolution, was General Isidoro Montesdeoca, a Filipino.

In the late 19th century, Japanese began migrating to Latin American in significant numbers.

The mixed offspring of Chinese men and local women call themselves the 'tusan' (derived from the Chinese term tusheng, meaning 'local-born'), and most retain their Chinese surnames even though they do not speak the Chinese language.

Pedro Zulen, a key Peruvian intellectual noted for his poetry and his social critique, was of mixed Chinese/Peruvian descent.

Since both Filipinos and Mexicans have absorbed Hispanic culture, Filipinos and Mexicans were culturally quite compatible. Rohrback of Pajaro was quoted as saying that Filipinos were "little brown men attired like 'Solomon in all his glory,' strutting like peacocks and endeavoring to attract the eyes of young American and Mexican girls." The general anti-Filipino mood was pushed over the edge by white men's fear concerning 'their' women.

However, white men felt threatened by the ability of Filipino men to attract Mexican women. 4 days of anti-Filipino events in Watsonville culminated in the murder of a 22-year old Filipino on January 22, 1930.

Some of their descendants have journeyed back to Japan in search of their Japanese roots.

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