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There was just enough light to read the number on the first door. He turned to the other side of the hall and barely made out the number, “One-zero-one.” Luke returned to the first door, turned away from the end of the building and counted as he passed doors. “I smell smoke and it’s burning food.” “Yeah, I smell it too. “Now that you’re my ops officer, I’m giving Bravo to Bob Schultz.” Douglas nodded and replied, “Good man, sir.” “Nice collection of tents.” “Thanks. Just being in those buildings without lights is depressing.” Clarke saw people approaching. ” Captain Charles Erickson and Lieutenant Alan Wilson of C Company had paused and were waiting to be acknowledged. ” “Sir, as of about an hour ago, it was thirty-five, including myself.” “Your platoon sergeant is on leave. ” “Two, sir.” “Captain Erickson, find two specialists for Lieutenant Wilson and swap them out for the two staffs.” Erickson smiled, “Yes, sir.” Wilson looked confused, then smiled. ” “Yes, sir.” Clarke handed a full M16 magazine to Wilson. Erickson and Wilson had eaten with Luke Hutton and George Carson. “Hutton’s lance or guidon or whatever is, is lying outside the gate, by the way.” “Very short spear, indeed. “Build us forty battle axes.” O’Donnell nodded and left. “‘Cluster, noun, two hundred family members sitting on bleachers with nothing to do.’” She raised her eyebrows. ” “I don’t know, ma’am, but I’ll go over and ask.” “Thank you,” Melissa smiled. ❀ ❁ ❀ Private First Class Scott Matthews of A Company looked across the parade field at the bleachers occupied by the non-combatants. Now it’s up here.” “Ain’t none of ‘em in skirts.” “It’s still skirt.” “Still outta your reach.” “We’ll see. A bayonet had been attached to the pole by inserting its handle into a slot cut in the end of the pole and bolting it in place. We’ll get you some help before another hour is up.” Brown left. Except for the few who will be on bicycles and even fewer that will be on horseback. Thanks for stopping by.” Jefferson stared at Clarke. ❀ ❁ ❀ First Lieutenant Alan Wilson sat with Luke Hutton and George Carson. We’re now leaving on Saturday morning instead of tomorrow.” “That’s a relief,” Luke answered. I have wanted that for months.” Luke rested his hand on the horse’s back. I don’t know how we’d prepare formula on the march. ” Melissa bent over and rested her forehead on her fingertips. “I’ve been on the verge of getting on an airplane for a couple of months. ” “There are others who are overweight but she’s the worst case. The elementary and middle school teachers may or may not be in trouble.

We can start pre-combat inspections at your convenience.” Clarke thought, “Communications? None of my mechanics can get their personal cars to start. “Sergeant Hutton, we need five workers and an NCO to load a wagon.” . The animal reared and Anderson kicked free and slid back off the animal, landing on his feet. Luke looked at his hand, started to salute and, remembering that saluting was prohibited, checked himself. Now, get out of here in case someone shows up who really needs help.” “Thanks, Father.” “Oh, Luke?

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Chapter 2 — Plans Camp Ederle, Vicenza, Italy; Wednesday, March 18, 1998, . I could see brigade headquarters and there are no lights there, even where their staff duty people sit. I’ll be back as soon as possible, sir.” Brandt answered, “Right,” and watched Hutton make his way out of the office. Four soldiers are in local hospitals for surgery under our support agreements. It started with troops running concertina wire a fence. “Let me show you something.” Wilson took the magazine out of his pocket and inserted it into the weapon. “One hundred thousand people with no more food than what they have in their houses and the local shops. ” “You come with us to help us take care of your horses. George Carson halted his animal and waited for him. “Yes, sir, thirty-one horses, two mules, many bags of feed, one wagon, one, uh, contract blacksmith and his smithy and his stable manager, who happens to be his daughter.” “Convenient? “I figure if anyone ought to have a sword, it’s the commander,” Luke answered. “In spite of what’s in all the — mostly bad — war movies, we don’t train our soldiers to want to kill. “Said we may have steak for breakfast, too, but that’ll be the end of it.” “Can you spell ‘MRE? “By the way, you guys all did a great job today,” Luke said. “We’re probably the only airborne battalion in the Army with a pack train.” “Roger that,” Luke agreed. Turns out the two other ‘patrols’ were guys from Bravo.” “Okay, now pull the other leg,” Luke said. “I mean, I don’t know about it personally, but I trust the guy I talked to.” “Okay, so eleven ‘patrols’ went out and nine came back? “They’ve got a bunch of family members from off post — the ‘non-combatants’ — over there at the bleachers.” “Why there? They’re lettin’ married guys visit with their wives and kids. I saw guys going out the gate with wheelbarrows.” George nodded. Somebody was watchin’.” Private Robert Bradley warned, “Heads up, the lieutenant’s coming.” Alan Wilson stopped at the table. He said to thank you for your work.” Wilson stared at Luke. “Find your bunk while it’s still light and get some sleep. Sergeant Miller, go with him and stay with him until he’s in his bunk.” “Yessir. None of us got any real sleep after the pain.” “I know, Sergeant.” Wilson looked at the horsemen sitting near him. Get some sleep, people.” Wilson turned and walked away. You had a long day yesterday, my son.” “It was real long. ” “Yes.” “Have you enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh with these other women? He’s just been waiting for his chance to wring a few concessions out of the commandant.

Chapter 3 — Transportation Camp Ederle, Vicenza, Italy; Wednesday, March 18, 1998, . Oh, the part of the perimeter that I could see is dark.” Without thinking, Brandt picked up the telephone and still heard no dial tone. Brandt felt on the desk for the pad of paper and pen he knew were there. They were doing well yesterday, but I don’t know their current situations. If we have an eight-foot fence with an apron and rifles for guards, why lay concertina? He pulled back on the charging handle to chamber a round, pointed the weapon at the ground and pulled the trigger. ” Rossi shrugged, “Of course.” “‘Luke, we have never been hungry enough to eat horse meat in Vicenza.’” “‘Hungry enough? ‘Hungry enough.’” “Yes.” Luke motioned toward Lieutenant Wilson. Luke handed Gray’s reins to George and said, “I’ll be along in a few.” “He had a pair of cojones,” George observed. ” “I swear, sir, she had gone to Milan and I thought she was still there. None of Rossi’s workers showed today.” “Okay.” Clarke smiled. Luke extended the hand carrying the sword he had picked up. Clarke took the offered sword and said, “Thanks, I’ll keep it for now.” Clarke and Evans looked at each other and Evans nodded. That was an interesting demonstration.” Luke put his hand on the back of his neck and looked at the ground and back at his battalion commander. We train them to be willing to kill when it’s necessary. Frankly, I’d be worried if you weren’t bent out of shape. Looking at the palm of Luke’s right hand, he asked, “Is that from your lance or whatever you want to call it? I didn’t notice it ‘til now.” “Well, that’s a bad friction burn. ” “No, thanks, I’ve had worse burns from ropes running through my hands. “So what’s happened that we missed while we were on our mission? Clarke sent a couple officers to look for your buddy Brandt. And then Alfa Company sent out nine patrols to try to contact people living off post. The soldiers started to stand, but he motioned for them to stay seated. “Sergeant Hutton, you look like you’re about to fold. Come on, Luke, orders are orders.” “Somebody’s gotta take care of the horses.” “I’ll get the horses,” Luke heard George say. ❀ ❁ ❀ George Carson watched his roommate walk away. Infantry (Airborne) George Carson watched Luke Hutton wake and stretch. I had the duty night before last — you know, with Captain Brandt — that’s another thing I just thought of. This sudden shake up must seem like a gift from the Gods to him. Ignoring our professional status, our role in this community” ranted Edward Jefferson.

She finished by taping the man’s wrists together behind his back. Clarke lived the Army every day and had turned down an option to live off post. That was quite a coup you pulled off in there.” “I know. If the brigade executive officer hadn’t been evacuated to Naples for surgery, he could have the job. Stand easy and tell me about it.” Luke relaxed a little. But we have no transportation.” “And you have a solution? The 508 guy is a lieutenant.” “Okay.” “Hodges and Erickson keep Alfa and Charlie Companies. Clarke held out a notebook page with the names of people who could ride to Kinkaid. It had been cracked open and sacked; and clearly, Paolo and his wife had never come. Eventually, they were running trucks up and down those trails, but early in the war the basic vehicle was the bicycle.” “Bicycle.” “Right. They removed the seat and extended the vertical support, then extended the left side of the handlebar. ” “Yes, ma’am,” answered the young sergeant who had been detailed that day to help the family members. Be right back.” Akers nodded as the private ran off toward the B Company barracks. “There are a couple with bumps, but no one’s close to popping.” “Coltrane didn’t mention pregnancies.” “Bones Coltrane is a good doctor, but he’s as overwhelmed as all the rest of you.” “‘Bones? ” “We have to reserve some remounts for the cavalry.

Roberto put his knife away and carefully laid the soldier on his side, then picked up his victim’s money and said, “Someone will find you soon.” He and Perla left the alley and started in opposite directions along the street. They met at Roberto’s apartment fifteen minutes later. As Luke walked beneath the star-filled sky, the wind was coming in from the farms east of the post. “This better be good,” came Major Clarke’s voice from the other side. I really do wish the commander’s conference in Heidelberg had been last week. I wouldn’t mind commanding a brigade — division — corps — one day, but this sure wasn’t what I had in mind.” “Oh, I agree. You know that.” “Yeah, right, but you’re puttin’ yourself down.” “I’m gonna go ask Sergeant Miller to watch our guys while we do this.” “Miller! He took a deep breath and slowly let it out, thinking, “We — all of us — are leaving Vicenza.” “Says who? “There have been rumors in this Army for over two centuries, but these make sense. I want to pull Schultz from brigade to replace Sam Douglas in B Company. “Captain Kinkaid, I need the four people on this list who are not assigned to C Company to be transferred into that company ASAP.” “Yes, sir, I’ll get some orders cut.” “No, just keep a journal of my decisions. The man yelled again; his strident voice projecting up to Emilio’s window. The guy detailed to get the cargo to the south walked beside the bike, pushing it.” Evans mimicked a man holding a bike. “Nobody put the athletic equipment away before the Change,” he explained. The flash is over and the pain is gone but the Change is still here.” Akers paused and flushed slightly. It won’t hurt a one-ton horse to carry a sixty-pound child.

Both Brandt and I saw a flash of light and felt a terrible pain that was gone right away. Sterile white walls with pictures of airborne drops. A table at the back of the coffee pot and, sometimes, a tray of doughnuts. We have command tents and every soldier has — well, better have his shelter half and a full clothing bag of uniforms, as well as field gear. “Sir, we have attempted to start about two-thirds of the unit vehicles. The same is true of the engines that run the electric generators. The three returned and saddled the waiting horses while Anderson and Bradley watched, then tied the animals to posts in the yard. The collection of saddled horses was growing in size when Lieutenant Wilson returned. The sole remaining member of the mob stood his ground and thrust his rake toward Guy Anderson’s horse. Luke held his out, palm up, and Clarke dropped some pin-on staff sergeant insignia into his hand.

” “I need your help.” “Well, you could start by turnin’ on the light.” “Shit’s hit the fan. I’m gonna wake up the officers and handle Alfa and Headquarters Company.” “Have we been attacked? Hell, we’re just a couple of sergeants, but wouldn’t you follow the shock with immediate exploitation, if you were the enemy? It’s almost funny how every person had to be convinced that his personal flashlight no longer worked. Petroleum, oil and lubricants average about eighty percent full. Appleby went with Antonia and Luke to collect saddles and saddle blankets. “I’ve got a new plan for you, Luke,” George said as he hauled on the reins to bring the mules to a stop. Some might be able to carry three if we load them right.” “Three bags would be, uh, three hundred pounds or so. “Papà, we will need feed bags.” “Yes, Antonia, I know.” Alberto smiled. After the remaining civilians flowed past him, he dismounted and stared back at the site of his fight. Now, there are honest and well-meaning men working for me who tell me that I haven’t done a single thing here this morning that’s actually legal. “Sergeant Hutton.” “Yes, sir.” Luke stepped forward. You are promoted to the rank of staff sergeant.” Clarke held out his hand.

To Marco Pertoni, for things Italian, especially getting peoples’ surnames right for the regions in which they live. Each company has two medics, although one was on leave in Rome and I have no idea of his status. There was a flash of light like lightning and a terrible pain.” “I thought I dreamed that. But when we talked, we realized we could not have had the same dream.” “Right, how could you? of our vehicles will start and none of our generators, either. “It’s nice to see you.” “Thank you, it is also nice to see you. “My brother is boring and has married a boring woman.” Alberto shook his head and smiled. Behind him, the well-trained troops closed up the space he vacated without waiting to be told. The scabbard lay a few feet away; he secured it as well and slid the sword home. “No, Sergeant Hutton, you just killed your man.” He turned. Oh, if you need to talk more about what happened this afternoon, look me up. “Hi guys, I see the mess sergeant’s burning wood to cook.” “Greetings, Sir Luke of Texas,” George said. I was gonna see him yesterday, but I fell asleep while I was eating.” “Go. I’ll run interference with the lieutenant if necessary.” Luke felt a rush of gratitude. “Ah, Sergeant Hutton, the sergeant major hinted that you would be in to see me sooner or later. I could never look my parents — or sister — in the eye if I’d hurt a woman.” “So, may I assume that the woman in question arrived yesterday with a herd of horses? “Have you enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh with this young lady? His disgust with the man had been growing for months.

To Bob Waldrop, for the details of Catholicism and for general editing. To Kier Salmon, Scott Palter and Pete Sartucci for editing, ideas and pointing out serious glitches. Table of Contents Chapter 1 — Change Camp Ederle, Vicenza, Italy; Tuesday, March 17, 1998, . I’ll stay here and start drafting a report about what’s happened. ” “I don’t know Major Clarke’s room number, sir.” “Right.” Brandt picked up the book with the staff duty officer’s procedures and opened it. ” He walked to the window thinking, we’re on the first floor here. We have a full load of medical supplies we would carry on a combat jump except that we do not have any blood or blood substitutes that will survive without refrigeration. I’ve told my people to review medical records for military personnel or family members who are within three months of requiring boosters. We have one soldier in a full leg cast and two in arm casts. We are completely cut off from other Americans.” Alberto looked at the American soldiers in their defensive positions. Luke was surprised when Wilson removed his M16 from his shoulder. “I’m only a sergeant, but I think my commander takes us south. Appleby stopped when he reached Luke and waited for instructions. Signorina Rossi, you and I have handled English saddles, so we get to do that. He saw Alberto Rossi on his wagon following the pack horses through the gate into friendly territory; Antonia walked beside her father’s wagon, leading Stella. “Walk with me.” Luke nodded to Clarke and fell into step to the left of the battalion’s senior soldier. I knew what I was doing and at the same time my body was acting all on its own.” Evans smiled. Or talk to the chaplain.” “Okay, Sergeant Major.” Luke turned to walk away. Luke grinned and motioned as if he were swinging a sword. I really wanted the guy to run.” He looked at his plate. That’s nice.” “Yeah, they had a reefer full of them,” said George. ” “Yeah, thanks, I never really thought that bayonet training would be good for anything.” He shrugged. “We’re gonna need all the good ideas we can come up with,” George offered as they finished their meal. The commander of Alfa is calling the real patrol that didn’t return ‘missing in action.’” George waved his hand toward the east side of the quad. Others are just movin’ pretty fast.” “Wheelbarrows! Captain Erickson and I just talked to the battalion commander. Chow’s from zero seven to zero eight tomorrow, but we — that’s all of us involved with the horses — meet with Major Clarke at zero eight hundred over by the herd. He walked toward the front end of the sanctuary, stopping at the halfway point. Come and sit down, unless you’d rather use the confessional.” Luke continued toward the front of the chapel. I needed to talk about yesterday.” “That’s why I’m here. ” “Yes, Father.” “Have you been physically attracted to other Italian — or non–Italian — women? ” “Yes, Father.” “Were those women willing participants? He’s a bully, a liar and an opportunist and an empire builder.

Chapter 10 — Road Day Seventeen — South of Vergato, Friday, 3 April 1998, Early Evening. The lanky former cowboy scratched his short blond hair while he thought about his errant rifleman. He was smart and knew how to steal enough to support himself comfortably without drawing the attention of the authorities, who were after bigger perpetrators, or the crime syndicates, which defended their interests violently. The soldier hesitated when Perla turned into a darkened alley, but she pressed herself against him and ran the palm of her hand up and down the front of his trousers. Roberto took his knife out of his pocket and opened it with a flick of his wrist. He heard Hutton scream and was vaguely aware of the sergeant falling sideways from his chair. ” Hutton asked, getting up from the floor and rubbing his shoulder. “Nothing, sir.” Brandt watched as Hutton stared into space. From the waist down, the pretty yellow dress was soaked in blood. Uh, I don’t think there’s power anywhere in the city. The sky looks like it does on a clear night when we’re in the field.” “Is there any good news? I have trouble believing that a fifty-round box of new, clean ammo will produce six consecutive mis-fires.” “I should check on Captain Brandt, sir,” Coltrane offered. “Specialist Anderson, Headquarters; Private Bradley, Alfa; Sergeant Potter, Bravo; Private First Class Appleby, Bravo; and Sergeant Miller, Charlie. ” both sergeants said, saluted and left their platoon leader. We’ve got enough firepower…” Both halted in their tracks and Luke asked, “Weapons do work, don’t they? The last two aren’t really options, of course.” Clarke nodded. — ‘experiment outside doctrine.’” “Guilty.” Clarke grinned. The three beers in my little Emilio decided to go outside to listen. Antonia Rossi stood near the door of the usually immaculate stable of her father’s riding school. That’s if you can find any.” He turned his back on his co-workers and left. Evans climbed the stairs to the small enclosure that looked out over the shop floor.

Chapter 11 — Umbertide Day Twenty-two — South of Le Piastre, Wednesday, 8 April 1998 Chapter 12 — Port South of Perugia, Italy, Tuesday, 28 April 1998, evening Chapter 13 — Advancement The Military Road, North of Nomadelfia, Greater Umbria, 16 September 1998, mid-morning. A nap helps.” “Ah, Staff Duty Non-Commissioned Officer. He had also killed twice when his victims had resisted. He slipped up behind the American, grabbed his collar and stuck his knife up under the man’s chin. The desk lamps were out and the room had only the light of the moon outside. Morelli vomited at the sight then forced himself to his feet. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth moved spasmodically. Perla opened her mouth one last time and it stayed open. “Yes, you should, Doc, but hold on for just a bit and I’ll go with you. We have no contact with any other military element of the United States of America. Our fixed communications base is always talking to its network and it’s not any more. “Yes, sir.” “What are the odds of having three guys who know about horses in one infantry platoon? They stared in disbelief as they saw a detail of soldiers begin stringing concertina wire between two of the barracks buildings. ” George Carson opened his mouth, closed it and shook his head helplessly. “Tinkerman’s young, but he performed well this morning at the battalion staff meeting. ” “Colonel took them to Germany with him.” “Do we still need a dedicated transportation and maintenance officer? Sam Douglas watched the soldiers of the battalion moving around the post. Leaning by the door was the hoe he had bought to take to Lorena’s father’s farm next week. ❀ ❁ ❀ Sergeant Major Paul Evans walked into the maintenance shop. Captain Roger Avery was sitting at his desk with his head in his hands.

If anyone questions what you’re doing tell them to check with Clarke. The 9mm automatic that should have been in Brandt’s holster was lying on the floor between his feet. ” “It didn’t work.” “I’m a little short on patience, Captain Brandt; This weapon’s mostly for appearance. Even when we tested blackout conditions, people ran around with red-filtered flashlights. I am assuming command of the battalion.” Clarke left the podium, walked to the far end of the table and sat in the commander’s chair. “We have a full load of small arms ammunition and claymores, but no mortar ammo. “And thank you.” They each entered one of the first three stalls. “You guys hold the reins while we get the rest of the tack,” Luke told Anderson and Bradley. “Pick five troops and go with the lieutenant.” Luke considered calling Sergeants Miller and Potter in to help with the horses, but backed away from the idea. The rest of the horses carry bags of feed and the troops lead them. All of these horses should be able to carry two bags. It will be all right,” came Antonia’s voice from behind Luke. The sixteen-hand horses can carry four bags and horses with riders can carry one bag.” She looked at her father. Luke pulled his big gray stallion up smartly as the animal danced away from the fallen man near its hooves. ” “I don’t mean to bother you, Sergeant Major, but, uh, I just had a weird idea. “And horse flies mean disease,” he finished, without realizing he had spoken. They all came to the position of attention but remembered not to salute. “Good morning, gentlemen,” Captain Charles Erickson replied. The battalion commander should be en route.” “He’s about a hundred meters out, sir,” said Wilson. Adjutant, publish the order.” Captain Gerald Kinkaid said, “Attention to orders.” He paused momentarily and read from the piece of paper in his hand. By order of the commander, Gerald Kinkaid, Captain, Infantry, Adjutant.’” “Thank you, Captain Kinkaid,” Clarke said and held out his hand. “We’ll take care of the paperwork before the end of the duty day, but you are all assigned to the 508 Cavalry. You are following orders which I assure you are legal. He was no expert of Army regulations or the law but it was both comforting and alarming that Clarke thought it was necessary to make the point. Do the best you can and no one can complain.” The cavalrymen nodded.

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