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Nationalists wouldn’t be welcome to live here, even today.

“You are not talking one or two families, you are talking hundreds and hundreds and hundreds,” Jackson said, recalling the flight which began in 1969 when British troops were sent to the city to quell unrest over a civil rights campaign launched by the Catholic minority.

Three decades of bloodshed followed between Catholic Irish nationalists, seeking to unite with Ireland, and pro-British Protestant loyalists, who want to remain part of the United Kingdom.

It is now a local service centre with a significant dormitory role in relation to Belfast.

It is the main focus within the rural area for shopping, education and recreation.

Around 3,600 people were killed before the 1998 Good Friday Agreement brought a political agreement – and peace.

Much of Northern Ireland has since been transformed, yet in many areas the two sides remain separated by so-called “peace walls”.

It is now part of Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council It sits on the river Six Mile Water.

The town probably owes its origins to its being a crossing point of the river, the strategic importance of which is shown by existence of a small Norman motte on the south side of the river and presently located in the War Memorial Park. In the centre of the town is the Market Square with the Town Hall.

“You have families that come and spend a year and they go because of the way of life here,” he said.

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