Black women too picky in dating

Naturally, if you don't have to find a man just to provide for you, you are likely to be more choosy about who you allow into your life and your bed. The trouble is that if you are working hard and refusing to compromise on the men you date, there is a real risk that you will never find a man who can fulfil your oh-so-stringent criteria.

Young men on the other hand, have, it would seem on the whole, begun to adjust their expectations and are now happy to settle down with a woman who does not necessarily look like Elle Macpherson and cook like Nigella Lawson.

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We don't just want a boyfriend, we want a lover, friend, playmate, career adviser, confidante, handyman, accountant, masseur, dishwasher and shrink.

True, your perfect match is going to turn up when you least expect it, in the least likely place, looking not at all like you expected.

Personally, I think there are two major factors at play here.

The first is to do with money, and specifically this generation of women's ability to earn it like never before.

The husband was expected to provide and the wife, as the old saying went, would be a lady in the drawing room, a magician in the kitchen, an angel in the nursery and a whore in bed.

But now women are taught from their schooldays that they can be academic champions and world-beaters, and rightly so; they are doing better than the boys at most things these days.

Furious screaming fits from me when the ceiling didn't get painted or the new bathroom took nearly a year to complete. We worked out the best accommodation for us when it came to earning the money and being there for our children — I went out to work full-time and he stayed at home with the children. When I began to get fat, he really didn't seem to mind.

In short, we were "good enough" for each other..we were both sufficiently grown-up to know the grass was unlikely to be greener on any other side.

But they're not going to come knocking on your front door (though I do know a girl who ended up marrying the man who came to fix her ceiling fan – true story!

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