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Meanwhile, Bonnie discovers concerning information pertaining to Simon that threatens to expose what really happened during night he was shot.

The crossover starts on Scandal S7E12 Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself (I).

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When Jane applies for a job as an adjunct professor, she finds herself seeing her former professor, Jonathan Chavez, in a different light.

Rafael thinks he has found a way to get back in the real estate game and looks to Jane for support.

Also, with Johns help, Tyler listens in on a therapy session between Clementine and Joan to see if she still has feelings for him; Tim bribes Samantha to attend online traffic school in his place; and Jen tries to convince Colleen and Tim to join her boycott of family get-togethers.

The events of Annalises class-action case hang in the balance after a meeting with Olivia proves to be crucial in getting the opportunity to argue Annalises case in the nations highest court.

Catherine and the team are follow the lead of their mysterious guide, but his intentions remain unclear as they navigate their new surroundings.

The teams travels bring them into dangerous territory, and Catherine discovers that getting home wont be as easy as she thought.

Also, Bozer wonders if Matty knows about his relationship with Leanna, and Jack recruits Elwood to help him break into Mattys home.

Jane is ready to move on from the Marbella and pursue writing full time, but an unexpected development forces her to consider returning to her teaching roots.

Grace is horrified to realize that shes dated three men from the same family; Will and Karen get on each others nerves at the office until they bond over watching -- and producing -- their own little telenovela.

JIM BEAVER GUEST STARS AS BOBBY SINGER Jack (Alexander Calvert) and Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) manage to escape Michaels (guest star Christian Keyes) clutches and end up finding an ally in apocalyptic world Bobby Singer (guest star Jim Beaver).

However, after Olivias recent fall from political grace, its going to be more challenging than ever to get the support they need.

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