Cacti weather map not updating

In some situations it is possible to have two completely different PHP installations serving these two - if you install from a package, then re-install from source, but to a different directory, for example.

The editor and the poller process should both warn you if the part they need is not present.

For a *nix system, it will be something like: To actually enable the plugin, you need to add a line to your Cacti config file.

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PHP has a 'safety valve' built-in, to stop runaway scripts from killing your server, which defaults to 8MB in most versions (this has changed in 5.2.x).

This is controlled by the 'memory_limit =' line in

Other sources are supported via plugins or external scripts.

It also includes detailed documentation, and an interactive editor to make creating your own maps as painless as possible.

Weathermap uses a fair bit of memory by PHP standards, as it builds the image for the map in memory before saving it.

As a result, your PHP process may run out of memory.To do this, you need to know which user your webserver runs as (maybe 'nobody', 'www' or 'httpd' on most *nixes) and then run: a recommended solution for a production system.On Windows, the same applies - the user that runs the webserver runs as should have permissions to write new files, and change existing files in the configs folder.If not, remove the line you just added and you should return to normal. Assuming it all looks fine (but not very different), you can start to enable Weathermap.Log in as 'admin' or another user with User Management rights, go to the User Management section under Tools in the Cacti console, and then choose your own username from the list.Before doing anything else, please verify that your is working properly with a simpler plugin, like or .

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