Can carbon dating be wrong

When I got to college I was older and less apt to believe what I was told. I did know that Kent Hovine was an idiot when I was in grammar school. All other radioactive decays that are from a one day difference in decay time to a millennium difference in decay time keep at a constant rate. [edit on 18-7-2007 by Gorman91] [removed quote of entire previous post] Mod Edit: Quoting – Please Review This Link.Most of my teachers in grammar school were very religious as well so evolution was taught as something Nashville mandated be taught in all state grammar schools. [edit on 18-7-2007 by sanctum] Originally posted by Major Malfunction Well, what's wrong with it is that there is absolutely no empiric evidence for the existence of a god whatsoever, so at best the existence of such a being is a belief that not everyone shares, and even people who believe in a god don't necessarily believe in the same one, or even the same version of one. That's why certain arguments drive many atheists to distraction -- they just seem absolutely ludicrous from a scientific point of view.

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God exists, it just has to deal with opening your mind to all forms of him.

If you look past the thousands of years of corruption by man, God remains the same: a peace loving God who protects those when he promises to and opens his hands to all peoples of the universe.

I know I'd value a 5 billion year old Earth over a mere 6 thousand year old Earth.

Maybe that's why God took so long for it to be made, to increase you're love and respect of the world you are on.

It is inaccurate but all forms of dating are inherently inaccurate. Carbon dating can be out by a few years and for some that is enough of a justification to say that it should never be trusted. Variations in radiocarbon concentration depending upon geographical location and the tree species: 8.5% deviation range.

When you're dealing with creationists generally anything you present will be dismissed as a 'test of faith from god'. at p-88 We deem it nonsensical to attempt the precise measurement of a value whose theoretical uncontrolled error rate may equal 10% if we are to make modest assumptions.

It was almost like stepping out of the darkness and into the light.

Religion is okay, you just have to realize that you can't mix religion and science.

I think most of this stems from contaminated samples.

For example if one were carbon dating the shroud of turin and were to take samples from the shroud would one be getting samples from around the time the shroud was made, from the time it was scorched by fire, from samples found on the shroud of people who touched it with grimy hands.

all RADIATION decay keeps constant at all times and never changes. Helen that was one day old showed up billion of years old", you must remember it was NOT alive and therefore cannot be accurately aged based on carbon.

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