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For boys, high physical strength compared to age peers also seems to be a characteristic which is associated with bullying although there are, of course, many boys fit this profile but never bully.

School Factors: Social context and supervision at school have also been shown to greatly affect the prevalence of bullying.

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If they do not receive support, children identified as high risk for bullying are likely to experience a wide range of problems.

Although not all children experience these problems, the following health outcomes are associated with chronic problems of bullying: Research shows that victims tend to find themselves in similar victimizing situations over and over again, they are not usually “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

More recent research suggests that 41% of students reported being involved in social bullying as either victims or bullies, and 32% of students reported being involved in physical bullying as either victims or bullies.

Moreover, 18% reported that they had called other students racist names, while 16% reported unwanted touching, grabbing or pinching in a sexual way.

If these problems are not addressed, the child bully is likely to have difficulties later in life.

In fact, as many as one out of four elementary school bullies have a criminal record by the time they are thirty years of age. A study by Pepler, Craig and Connoly (1997) found through observations of children on playgrounds and in classrooms that bullying occurs frequently: once every 7 minutes on the playground and once every 25 minutes in the classroom.

Lately, you have noticed that your child is eager to avoid attending school when, in the past, they have always enjoyed learning.

Stomach aches and mysterious illnesses seem to pop up in the evening and get worse as the school bus approaches your stop.

Just as inappropriate supervision at home can contribute to bullying, so can the level of supervision at school, particularly on the playground and in the hallways.

When appropriate supervision and intervention in a school is enforced, it can reduce the severity and frequency of bullying.

Children become bullies in many ways and there is no single type of bully.

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