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Jesus ~The Blue Shit Stick changed ' Bitchy Babe's name to ' Daddy'~ Daddy: .... Duckie: i choked on my drink h oly fucc- The Blue Shit Stick: ;)) Duckie: Is everyone high all of a sudden Macaroni: this is why your family wants you dead you worthless fucking piece of horse shit. Daddy: e Dg Y ~Daddy has changed ' The Blue Shit Stick's name to ' Daddy's Pet'~. But all three of you are going to my house tonite Duckie: im scared Macaroni: bite me Daddy: when and where Daddy's Pet: A N Y W A Y S Duckie: why are you so edgy and at home mac.

Chat and fucc rite now-28

Cuz I certainly will not go over and fuck you roughly and slowly to make you feel better. Get your Heathers rite Daddy's Pet: 10th time?!

SO FITE ME LIL GIRL Daddy: O h shit I would be so happy if you crash also.

It would be a wonderful world if such things happened, but that's not reality, it's a scam.

Before I cancelled I'd had scores of such requests to meet in person, yet every time I'd respond to set up this meet, they would evade, just coming back with one sentence emails that committed to nothing.

Daddy: when did you snek out of the restrooms Duckie: im a wizard Daddy: amazing.

Duckie: ikr Macaroni: omg she made it here without dying Duckie: but i did hit a lot of signs amd mail boxes Daddy's Pet: thats how my mailbox disapeared..... Now i know Daddy: IM DEAD- OMG Duckie: well I made it to Macs house.

Of course a seller will advertise using the most seducing gain figures, but the player has NO means what so ever to investigate if the claim is genuine before purchasing the product (and finally finding out it doesn’t work in the long run.) Serious research in any case involves using your own spin files or the ones obtained from an independent internet database.

This proposal would be no different than a merchant demonstrating what his product or idea can do in a ‘live’ situation.

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