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Les étudiants avaient décrété une grève de 48 heures après le refus des autorités universitaires de se réunir pour discuter d’une coupe budgétaire éliminant notamment des exemptions de droits d’inscription, et de leur intention supposée de privatiser l’institution publique. master, has been imposing neoliberal, anti-people laws aimed at privatizing services and laying off thousands of public workers.

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Witelson, who studies handedness as a measure of brain organization (SN: 8/17/85, p.102), told SCIENCE NEWS she has now found a similar incidence in homosexual men.

Together, the studies conducted to date “really show that there’s something different in the [brain] anatomies of homosexuals and heterosexuals,” she says.

Le Vay obtained brain tissue from autopsies performed at seven hospitals in New York and California.

His study included 19 homosexual men, 16 men presumed heterosexual, and six women presumed heterosexual.

By May 3 the strike was in its 13th day and had spread to nine of the UPR’s 11 campuses. The striking students issued an open letter explaining that their struggle was for the right of all 4 million Puerto Ricans on the island to have an affordable education.

The children of the rich mainly attend private universities in Puerto Rico or the United States, but the UPR is the peoples’ university.

Witelson and Le Vay speculate that atypical levels of sex hormones may shape the brains of homosexuals in the womb or during childhood.

This explanation does nto rule out environmental influences, Witelson notes.

They also formed a Negotiating Committee involving the Student Council, the Action Committees and members of the Coalition in Defense of Public Higher Education (CEDEP) and the Committee against Homophobia and Discrimination. The students followed their plan, erecting tents on the campus and staying there, firm and strong despite the administration’s immediate use of riot and other police and its attempts to provoke confrontations.

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