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The founders stress that there is no shame in remaining abstinent. They maintain that abstinence has helped them have a successful marriage.

Their hope is to create like-minded individuals who have a hard time meeting their choice partners.

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All other non-virgin visitors are welcome to invite their close virgin friends and/or relatives to join our site.” Yeah, these guys mean business.

Memberships are free, and the site promises that only other members (a.k.a.

Created by husband and wife, Lety and Jose Colin, You And Me Are Pure states its intent as a tool for singles who value purity when searching for a relationship, but there’s a strict “virgins only” policy.

“Any visitor to our website who is not a virgin but is intimately abstaining, consider joining

If you are in love it does not mean you should have sex. You should never feel like you have to have sex with someone just because you want to show them you love them. However, it is dangerous to think that sex is a minor or equal sin to all others because it can put you in a frame of mind to make bad choices.

There are plenty of non-sexual ways to show your love to someone. Sexual sin is still a defiance of God, and no sin is acceptable to God.Some people use the term "technical virgin" when describing their sexual status.Usually, this means that the person has not had a sexual act that involved penetration. Virginity is not a state of mind, but it is the conscious choice to not involve oneself in sexual acts until after marriage.It is one of the reasons God placed such an emphasis on sex and relationships in the Bible.Sex is a beautiful act that comes out of the marriage covenant, and it means more than just an action.Currently they have more than 4,000 members."For a virgin person our website results are more convenient since without it, it would be a challenge for a virgin person to identify other virgins in the street by their looks only," said Leticia Colin.

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