Consolidating student loans chase bank

Trying to compete with the government, who requires no proof of ability for repayment, was not in the best interest of Chase Student Loans.

Those who have private student loans from Chase are still required to repay them and were transferred to AES Student Loans for the servicing of the loans.

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Private loans come from organizations like Chase, Wells Fargo and others, and generally cannot be consolidated together with federal loans (and vice versa).

If you’re considering consolidating your private student loans, consider the following three points before moving forward. Although the bank may take into account that you are paying off other debt, it will still consider factors such as your credit score and income-to-debt ratio when determining whether or not you qualify for the consolidation, and what interest rate it will be offering you.

Student loan consolidation is being offered as the quick and easy solution to all student debt-related problems.

However, before anyone consolidates, they need to make sure that they truly understand the financial impact of what they're getting into. — Student loan consolidation is being offered as a quick and easy solution to all student debt-related problems.

The most significant event that caused the dissolution of Chase Student Loans was Congress’ decision to allow the government to provide student loans directly to students.

Previously, commercial banks like Sallie Mae acted as the middleman between the government and student loan borrowers.

He's an independent student loan consultant who crafts customized student loan repayment plans.

Collegiate Funding Services specialized in originating, financing, and servicing student loans.

In early 2006, Chase acquired Collegiate Funding Services, an education finance company.

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