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He hasn't been linked to anyone since he split up with Lizzy Caplan in 2012.Some unnamed "source" revealed Matthew invited Courtney over "to talk" (which is even worse than asking someone to come over to "watch a movie," TBH) which led to them hooking up.Cox and Arquette announced in October 2010 they were ending their 11-year marriage, and legally separated in December 2011.

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During a dinner in West Hollywood on June 10, the pair snuggled up and "acted like boyfriend and girlfriend," a witness said.

Holt is already getting on the good side of Cox's 9-year-old daughter Coco, who was goofing around with him on a visit to the "Cougar Town" set.

"The girl was extremely comfortable with Brian," an insider said.

“We never dated – she was my landlady when I was living in LA!

Courteney Bass Cox is a actress who portrays Gale Weathers in the Scream series.

She and Drew Barrymore were well known actresses in Scream.

Sources tell the gossip magazine that the two, who play exes on the TBS comedy, began seeing each other earlier this year.

"They've been going out for about six months," the insider said.

It's a tale rooted in decades of actual friendship: "They've leaned on each other before, during her infertility struggle and his battle with addiction," the source said.

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