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We work hard to meet the fitness needs of our ENTIRE community so we're making sure you have a VARIETY of tools to maintain a healthy routine!Here's a "sneak peek" at what's to come - stay tuned each week for more!– NRA Certified instructors work with students to teach them the proper skills, attitude and safety required for safe firearm ownership.

I can’t think of a more appropriate way to integrate back into New Haven. It was kind of funny—a lot of times, the new apartment was just literally down the street, or upstairs. My first year was at Hartford Art School with 15,000 other students. I thought I had some chops; I thought I was going to be an artist. It was probably the most unprofessional experience I could have had out of the gate. Peers of mine who were inspiring to me happened to be in that department. I made symbols for beer cans out of ventilated foam. Even some of my paintings have a sort of stitched-together quality.

[Having grown] up in southern Connecticut, [I find] there’s something alluring about New Haven. I went to Amity High School in Woodbridge, but I was also commuting to New Haven every day to go to an arts magnet school. I spent a lot of time drawing during my classes and was always scolded for it. I don’t think my mother ever wanted me to go into the arts. I was doing lithography, acid etching, wood prints. Everybody had to work around each other—it was a shop. I’m more interested in that than being some sort of famous artist.

He’ll build a cheeky collage around a strategically placed piece of Day-Glo card stock. I hark back to one of my favorite painters, Philip Guston. When I go back and think about those paintings more, there’s a sort of condemnation of debauchery.

His sculpture is just as irreverent; his preferred media are trash and cardboard. In graduate school, I would sit in the studio and listen to Democracy Now! Or I would sit in a mall and draw people going up and down on an escalator for about an hour. Everybody’s on their cell phone, eating a giant hot dog, drinking sodas, and buying sneakers. A lot of my influence comes from television and cartoons. I’ve also dabbled in tattoo artistry for a friend who has his own tattoo shop.

There were close to 12 Montserrat alumni living there. I was walking up the stairs of the restaurant I was working in as a prep cook, and I was carrying a 15-pound sack of potatoes. I was tired, working long hours in the service industry. I always had a suspicion I wanted to teach—the most inspiring people in my life have been teachers. Maybe not teaching in the most conventional sense .

But many of my friends and peers were going to New York and California.

But they’re blended into an already-rich batter of latchkey-kid angst, visionary talent, and screw-it-all experimentation.

“A lot of those images were made as I was sitting in public, drawing,” he says.

Through our community initiatives & programs, we help build strong kids, strong families and strong communities! – Join the New Haven Land Trust as we welcome Ranger Dan Barvir back to Quinnipiac Meadows to host a Winter Wildlife Walk!

We will be able to see the animals and birds that make their home in the preserve.

I had a very influential teacher, Brian Flynn, in high school. He was a very encouraging guy, and he liked to challenge me. There’s something very colorful and enthusiastic about being in a laboratory together. I did a small series of images that were a mix of painting, found objects, and cut material.

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