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Nonetheless, it is undoubtedly this type of envelope-pushing dialogue that has made was used as a platform for the comedian to talk about his friend Andy Ritchie, who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

With an uncharacteristically serious tone, Tosh encouraged his viewers to donate money to his friend’s fundraiser, resulting in over ,000 dollars in donations to Ritchie’s campaign.

Tosh attended the University of Central Florida and received a degree in Marketing, which he put to use only briefly as a telemarketer.

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Daniel has shared the stage with some of the top names in comedy, inaugurating his career with the first major appearance taking place with David Letterman in 2001.

Later on he was hosted by Jimmy Kimme land Jay Leno.

It could be one of the reasons why the comedian hasn’t been encountered with another female since his split.

Read his joke about girlfriend: Of course, the comedian loves talking about gay issues on his shows. The comedian who mostly cracks homophobic jokes was suspected to be gay by his fans after he once joked about having sex with his guy friend.

Soon after, he got opportunities from other shows and there he gets chance to prove himself the best actor.

Till now he has appeared in numerous television shows, animated TV series, and movies but he has got acclaim for his black comedy style.

Another of these heart-melting moments was when Tosh tweeted ‘being married to a ballerina has made every day a little more beautiful.’ Surprisingly, there is no tangible proof of when and how he married a ballerina.

And there is no information on who the ballerina is and whether they are married indeed.

Since splitting up with girlfriend Megan, he has kept his relationship on the down low.

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