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That intensity takes over lives and becomes all consuming.Reflecting on how he never showed his emotions before Rebecca's death, Rio admitted that he has taught his children to know it's OK to cry and in turn learnt to show his feelings more.But I tell them, it doesn’t make you any less of a boy or girl, you can speak and be open - it releases a lot of stress and tension.''In Portugal in the house I was really searching for some answers on how they [his kids] were feeling emotionally. It’s hard for me.'When Rebecca was diagnosed with terminal cancer she had bought a number of notebooks which she had hoped to fill with advice but unfortunately her decline with the disease was too rapid for her to carry out her hopes.

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They’re the type of things that would keep you up at night. 'That’s why in my relationship now and with my children I don’t wanna make that same mistake again because god forbid, I wanna be comfortable and know that that person and the kids know exactly how I feel. He added: 'They have to be part of that conversation, no point of this conversation where they haven't been involved.

There’s a chance of happiness but I will make sure they are the beginning of the conversation and it's having a positive effect' Sealed with a snap: Rumours had circulated for months about a possible romance with Rio and after going public with their relationship in July they have appeared one big happy family, enjoying a number of trips to Portugal together with his brood'Balance is the key word, you’ve got to try and find that balance.

The tragic news came just two years after Rio lost his wife Rebecca through cancer - something he spoke movingly about in the BBC's Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad earlier this year.

His mother featured in the documentary and provided strength for the former footballer who struggled bravely with the responsibility of raising his children without their mother being around.

Sadly, Rebecca died just five weeks later on May 1.

The former footballer produced a documentary earlier this year called Being Mum And Dad, which followed his journey through the grieving process alongside his kids.

But I’m lucky and I’ve got a good network of people, with friends and family that can help' Strong: Earlier this year, Rio was left heartbroken by the death of his mother Janice to breast cancer after she stood by his side through the turmoil of losing his wife just two years ago to the disease She was described as ‘the backbone of the family’ with one relative recalling: ‘If Janice told Rio to be home by 7pm, he’d be there by one minute to, or her voice would be echoing all over the estate.’Just as the former Manchester United defender was coming to terms with the loss of Rebecca, his wife of six years, he has been hit with another hammer blow.

In the emotional documentary which aired earlier this year, he admitted he had turned to alcohol to help him cope with the pain.

His TV appearance comes as he arrived to the the studio without his wedding ring for the first time in public.

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