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By the end of the period, there were no significant differences between legionaries and auxiliaries in terms of training, and thus, combat capability.

Auxiliary regiments were often stationed in provinces other than that in which they were originally raised, for reasons of security and to foster the process of Romanisation in the provinces.

Like their legionary counterparts, auxiliary recruits were mostly volunteers, not conscripts.

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By the 2nd century, the Auxilia contained the same number of infantry as the legions and in addition provided almost all of the Roman army's cavalry and more specialised troops (especially light cavalry and archers).

The auxilia thus represented three-fifths of Rome's regular land forces at that time.

Reliance on the various contingents of non-Italic troops, especially cavalry, increased when the Roman Republic employed them in increasing numbers to support its legions after 200 BC.

The Julio-Claudian period (30 BC–68 AD) saw the transformation of the Auxilia from motley levies to a standing corps with standardised structure, equipment and conditions of service.

Organizers of the movement also have urged celebrities not to visit or perform in the country.

Pop artist Lorde canceled her Israel concert this summer.

“So it’s not going to be that easy for the Israeli equivalent of the TSA to figure out who actually is a member and hold them.” She said she was pleased to be on the same blacklist with the AFSC, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947 for helping World War II refugees, many of them Jews.

“We are trying to speak against a totalitarian system that silences people for speaking up in a nonviolent way,” she said.

Jerusalem Old City is seen through a door with the shape of star of David, in Jerusalem, Wednesday, Dec. The Israeli government on Sunday banned 20 international advocacy groups from entering the country, including one based in Philadelphia.

The organization, which has worked on social justice issues for nearly 100 years, is among 20 advocacy groups on a blacklist published Sunday by the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

Israel’s decision to specifically ban JVP is disconcerting but not surprising, given the further erosion of democratic norms and rising anxiety about the power of BDS as a tool to demand freedom.

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