rachael ray dating tips - Dating a yamaha saxophone

With its moulded dark grey exterior complete with embossed Yamaha logo, integral handle and large briefcase sliding locks it simply can't fail to impress.

Aside from the exterior appearance the case is well specified internally, making it a secure environment in which to keep a sax (but see second addendum).

The instrument itself fares no less better in its outward appearance with its clean lines and bright, clear lacquered finish.

It was always going to be a hard act to follow - so how have they done?

The initial impression of this instrument is governed by the very smart case that's supplied with the sax.

A common problem with Yamaha saxes is leakage at the back of the low D pad, and at various points on the low C pad.

If you own a Yamaha sax you might want to check out the article on testing for leaks.

Having said that, I much prefer a glued joint over a clamped joint - though personally I'd prefer to see a proper soldered joint (even though this means losing the finish should the bell need to be removed). I noted that the sling ring seemed to be of a rather small diameter.

This might present a problem for those players who prefer to use a sling with a locking arrangement on the hook (as I thoroughly recommend).

Just make sure you try the sling out before you buy it.

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