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The Olympia Beer Company's bottling works provided for the San Francisco market only, and had a distinctive brown label (below).To promote the brand in SF, the agency issued an Olympia Beer stein as a give-away (below). His Olympia Beer Company had been spared from the catastrophe and production had already ramped up at its Tumwater plant in order to meet the higher demand.

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These were also given out as premiums for larger purchases.

In May of 1911, JP Rettenmayer, now company president and manager, convinced Schmidt that it was time to annex the bottling works to the Acme Brewing Co.

This familiar image was used prior to Prohibition, through Prohibition on Acme's low alcohol Light Beer, and remained as the symbol of Acme upon Repeal in 1933.

A comparative look at the Stein Girl labels is offered at the this article.

The Acme Brewery of San Francisco was established in 1907 by Leopold Schmidt, owner of the Olympia Brewing Company of Tumwater, WA.

Acme's story actually begins with Schmidt's entry into the San Francisco market. Rather than continuing with Aherns, Pein & Bullwinkel for the distribution of his beer, Schmidt decided to establish his own agency and bottling works.

Sales were up and Olympia Beer's withdrawal would be covered by Acme's increased production.

She is also on an enamel sign (seen near bottom of page - with other Acme Breweriana).

By November of 1904, construction had begun on the lot at 1423.

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