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For District 1, we further uphold the District Court’s decision that [Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965] gave North Carolina no good reason to reshuffle voters because of their race." Gov. "North Carolina voters deserve a level playing field and fair elections, and I’m glad the Supreme Court agrees," Cooper said in a statement."The North Carolina Republican legislature tried to rig Congressional elections by drawing unconstitutional districts that discriminated against African-Americans, and that's wrong." The ruling was unanimous regarding the 1st District, while Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Samuel Alito and Justice Anthony Kennedy disagreed that the 12th District was racially gerrymandered. Supreme Court on Monday upheld a lower-court ruling that North Carolina lawmakers relied too much on race when redrawing two congressional districts after the 2010 census.

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"We have the utmost respect for the Supreme Court, but it is challenging for our lawmakers to draw congressional districts that the courts will accept when the courts regularly change the rules state legislatures must follow when drawing them," Amy Auth, a spokeswoman for Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, said in a statement.

"Our position continues to be the same as the Obama Justice Department on this issue, which pre-cleared these districts as fair and legal.

The three justices argued that previous court rulings have required those challenging the legality of voting districts offer an alternative map, but the majority deemed the lack of an alternative in this case inconsequential. It is a logical response to the difficult problem of distinguishing between racial and political motivations when race and political party preference closely correlate," Alito wrote, noting there was "strong evidence" that the map was drawn to "maximize Republican opportunities." Republican lawmakers have argued that the voting districts were drawn to maintain a GOP advantage among North Carolina's U. "Uncontested evidence in the record shows that the State’s mapmakers, in considering District 1, purposefully established a racial target: African-Americans should make up no less than a majority of the voting-age population," Kagan wrote. "We have legislators who are choosing their districts, not the other way around.

The voters should choose their legislators," Butterfield said.

With regard to the 12th District, Kagan cited testimony from the lower-court case that only 16 percent of white voters from the six counties crossed by the district wound up in the district compared with 64 percent of black voters in those counties.

Among Democrats, 18 percent of whites and 65 percent of blacks were included in the 12th District.

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I don't know how any legislature can perform this task when the rules change constantly from case to case, often after the fact," state GOP Chairman Robin Hayes said in a statement.

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