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The easiest and least intrusive way is simple observation.Over the years you can bet that not every time that hardware was cleaned some industrious soul removed it from the drawer. If the finish was waxed or the brass cleaned while the pull was in place, there will be some residue around the edge of the brass.The designs were rolled right into the brass itself.

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It was only in the Eastlake period in the 1880s that brass hardware became important again.

The post at the top is handmade from the early 19th century.

The use of high pressure rollers during the Federal period increased output even more.

No longer did decorative pulls have to be engraved or chased individually.

If machine-made threads and octagonal machine-made nuts are visible, something’s up.

As a last resort, if possible, remove the existing hardware from the drawer front.

The build up of wax or the overflow of brass cleaner will be evident. Its absence could mean the piece was meticulously maintained or that it has just been deeply cleaned or even refinished.

A quick peek inside the drawer might show the presence of holes that once accommodated the fasteners for hardware other than the current resident. The hardware of a 17th century piece would have been held in place by clinched cotter pins on the inside.

The backs of this type of hardware were often left with the impression of the sand while the faces were polished.

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