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(His loyal brother supposedly stayed in Austria to take the rap for the crime.) Leib got a job in the United States.

He made enough money to transport Chaiya to New York on a Hamburg-based ship, the Batavia. The couple anglicized their names, from Leib to Louis and from Chaiya to Clara. The first was Rachel, whose official birthdate was November 23, 1907.

Posterity's judgment of Rachel Molly Gruber Sagan (1907— 1982) is wildly contradictory. who needed all the affection she could get"— so say those who enjoyed or endured her. Neglected by her family, she grew up almost homeless in New York City during World War I and the 1920s. One such was apprehended., Rachel's bilious prose camouflaged her pride. Through the Depression and Hitler and Alger Hiss, she had raised to adulthood a boy who, by the century's twilight, had become the world's best-known living scientist, a multimillionaire TV star and Pulitzer Prize– winning author, and recently wed to a brainy, luminous brunette (a lady so desirable that a prior suitor had written a novel about her Rachel's origins were vague; she preferred it that way.

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Tall and unsmiling, he wears a dark suit and a big black hat. "The rumor," Cari said as she served coffee and Passover muffins, "is that he was a murderer." Leib Gruber was born in the late nineteenth century in the village of Sassow, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire— an empire "creaking in all its multi-national joints," as Arthur Koestler put it, "waiting to fall to pieces." Across the continent, the vipers of anti-Semitism stirred: the Dreyfus case in France, village slaughters in rural Russia.

Conspiracy theorists touted the fraudulent Protocols of Zion as "proof " of a global Jewish conspiracy.

Rose received her stepchild with less than open arms.

"By the time she was eight," Professor Nahemow observes, "Rachel was rejected on two continents." Leib had a good side. She knew she wasn't her birth mother," Cari Sagan says. 'emancipated woman,' we'd call her now." Professor Nahemow obtained many details about Rachel's childhood from Nahemow's mother, Flora Bernstein, one of Rachel's closest childhood friends.

She made (and dumped) friends fast, and boyfriends faster. Her first child, Carl, would inherit her literary skill. Carl's sole sibling was his sister, Carol, nicknamed Cari.

Her prose style might be described as "Take no prisoners." Shortly before her death, unmellowed by age, she gleefully wrote to two married friends about Carl and his third wife Ann Druyan's new Ithaca mansion, describing it as a weirdo of a house, most of it underground (great protection from a nuclear blast) . A social worker, she is married to a Union Carbide executive.

Sagan later traced his analytical urges to Rachel, a cunning, acid-tongued neurotic who had known extreme poverty and been abandoned by her family. And Carl's sense of wonder came from Sam, a quiet, soft-hearted escapee from the czar.

Her intellectual ambitions had been thwarted by the grand irrationalisms of her time— by societal bigotries against the poor, against Jews, against women (and wives in particular). Sam gave apples to the poor and soothed labor-management tensions in New York's tumultuous garment industry.

Based on interviews with Sagan's family and friends, including his widow, Ann Druyan; his first wife, acclaimed scientist Lynn Margulis; and his three sons, as well as exclusive access to many personal papers, this highly acclaimed life story offers remarkable insight into one of the most influential, provocative, and beloved figures of our time-a complex, contradictory prophet of the Space Age.

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