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Usually, he's the one who has to go over to her and try to start a conversation.This is where his fear of rejection can make it really hard...

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Even if he is brave enough to approach her, his fear can make him act very awkward and insecure and ruin any chance of making a good impression on her...

You can see why it was so hard for Robert to approach this fascinating woman! She certainly wouldn't come across as friendly and inviting in any case.

There's just something very unique about her that Robert finds fascinating, and he would love to speak with her and get to know her.

Robert is standing there trying to get up his nerve to go over and talk with her, and he's starting to sweat a little.

I’m thrilled that after going through your program, I finally found a man who really WANTS to be with me, unlike all the men in my past! We’re married now, and it’s everything that I hoped for!

In this story you'll get much greater insight and understanding about yourself and a potential date in the following common dating situation, whether you are a woman or man, straight or gay...

However, a woman doesn't have to be completely passive, hoping that a man that she is interested in will approach her. Now, I'm not talking about learning how to "flirt" or be coy or any type of unnatural or "game playing" strategies.

It's very important for a woman to be her natural self.

You see, for most men, their greatest fear in this situation is not just that they will be rejected, it's that they will be rejected with a woman actually will respond that way, so it's not completely unfounded!

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