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Cat men clearly do not give a f*ck about what anyone thinks, and that includes what their bros think of them.A man who does not follow the rules of being a "man" also lives by the same values in the bedroom.

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Men who love cats appreciate the funny things cats do and find humor in the little things.

A man that can make you laugh is a man you always want to keep around.

Von Kittles on social media, and he’s doing all sorts of fun things. You visit your new love in his home and he warns you that Mr. Seriously, why did I even shave my legs or lady parts? So they may not have a problem leaving you the same way.

This little bastard it going to bite my $300 weave? PLUS: How a Cat Flying on a Plane Wing is a Metaphor for Dating That’s actually the good news. The real problem, however, is that they’re commitment phobic. FYI: It’s so much fun to fuck a guy with cat hair all over his sheets. They can go away every weekend and leave their cat(s) alone for days.

A cat man is mature, open and balanced enough to be an incredible boyfriend.

After years of dating, I’ve concluded that the worst type of guy to date is the childless middle-aged man that is the proud owner of at least one cat. In my experience, all of the cat guys I dated treated me like their cat.

I am guessing this man will treat me the same – minus the poop. Living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Tabitha is a self-proclaimed free spirit who travels extensively throughout the USA.

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A cat man is not your typical one-night stand kind of guy.

By getting a cat, he's committing to a potential 15-year relationship filled with mood swings, scratched furniture and hair everywhere.

MORE: He Ghosted Me At A Funeral So, I am on the hunt for a puppy lover.

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