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Regardless of whether or not their parents stayed married, these kids were instilled with a high view of family life.Gen X, on the other hand, is the first significant "divorce generation." As a result, it casts a suspicious eye on all things marriage and family." Perhaps the problem is influenced more by generational attitudes and mores than other factors such as the moral decline of society, media and a lack of interest in spiritual things.

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Speaking from experience, Generation X is romantically constipated. Both sexes have put up emotional walls that prevent the easy forming of marriages.

We're skeptical of the idea of lifelong commitment and monogamy, and yet, the alternative — living without sex and companionship — is frustrating and unnatural.

(It's OK, that's how we roll.) But the point is NOT that Generation X is bad and Generation Y is awesome (their words, not mine).

From The Gen X Files blog: The idea that somehow the Gen-X'ers failed and the Millennials will succeed is a fallacy.

For better or for worse, each generation seems to carry its own baggage.

And this got me thinking, "What if the problem of young people not marrying is coming to an end?

My expectations tend to be low; his tend to be high. Am I advocating cross-generational marriage as the solution? While looking at the differences between Gen X and Gen Y certainly demonstrates that partners from different generations can form great marriages, two members of the generation can also thrive. Several years ago, I wrote about the sad view of marriage portrayed in a popular film. Viewing his three best friends — one trapped in a demoralizing marriage, another recently dumped and devastated and a third living it up with multiple sexual partners — Michael is terrified that his exciting life is grinding to a halt.

He has stepped on the human conveyor belt where each step is planned and nothing surprising will ever happen again. This lie is ever-present but plays out differently for different generations.

And, she felt, that as men aged into their 30s and beyond, they lost some of that ambition.

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