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The results reveal that the area is at a take-off stage, with as yet unrealized development potential.This model could therefore be usefully extended to other wine tourism situations.

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A cainal, one hundred feet wide, was left between it and the city, as a means of protection against Chinese mobs.

This was made into a substantial island 1b building a heavy granite retaining wall around it, and filling ill with soil.

'The roads about the island are broad, clean, and well shaded by trees of dense foliage.

Their masters and mistresses are among the most hospitable people in the world.

The man in the bow was more loathsome than the woman.

From its stern a handless, noseless ha(, with matted hair and covered with horrible sores, was implorint succor.

()One of the most piteous sights that we have seen here was a poor, frail craft, containing a family of lepers.

The girls of the sampans, with heads dressed in the best style of the " butterfly ' or "tea-pot" or in plaits, in their blue gowns and black trousers, with bare feet, but with graceful carriage, wandered about their own little boats, and added gavetv to the scene.

Tourism has increased significantly in the last decades, in terms of both international visitor flows and revenues.

Within these dynamics, assuming the Australian model of wine tourism, which is dominant in many wine-growing areas, the study aims to verify the development stage of Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, one of the most important enological districts in Italy. The first introduces the principal changes that have regarded tourist flows in Italy and in Veneto, which is the most important tourist region in the country.

In the fourth part, using multivariate analysis methods, the case of Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG is investigated by means of a study conducted on a representative sample of 130 wineries.

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