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Today, visitors come to explore the streets of Barrio Historic which is now under UNESCO protection, ensuring it retains its old-world charm.The gateway to the historic quarter is a drawbridge called Puerta de la Ciudadela, leading into what used to be a fortress.There are also a handful of fast ferries, which take about one hour to cross the river between Colonia and Buenos Aires.

Lust has been shown to create an altered state of consciousness which affects the brain in much the same way as some drugs.

MRI scans have shown that the same areas of the brain light up when a person is experiencing the lust of physical attraction as when someone takes cocaine.

PRACTICALITIES: How to get to Colonia: Most visitors get to the city from either Montevideo or Buenos Aires.

It takes just over two hours to drive to Colonia from Montevideo, and can be done by renting a car or booking a seat on one of the comfortable buses operated by Turil.

One needs only a couple of hours to navigate all of Colonia’s wedge stone walkways, which wind past treasured spots like the enchanting Street of Sighs.

is lined with houses dating back to the first colonial period, framed by the river on one end and Plaza Mayor on the other making it a popular stop for photographers.

Like with drugs we can become addicted to these chemical surges because they feel so good.

Lust often lays the foundation for a relationship to develop – it is the springboard from which love can grow.

The final stop on a tour of Colonia del Sacramento should be the waterfront which overlooks the vast Río de la Plata.

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