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Parents may not approve of someone who is much older than she is.

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Getting into a relationship is an exciting thought.

For women, it is a little bit tricky because we tend to emotionally mature much faster than men.

But a 30-something-year-old man might try to dominate in a relationship with a younger woman unless she is astonishingly headstrong.

He might hit a mid-life crisis soon and the expectations of the relationship might change.

If the girl is a little messy and irresponsible, he might start to snap at her and the little things can turn into big ones even before the couple realizes it.

He might also try to use his experience as examples to keep her from doing a few things that she actually wants to do.

So you might call them the ‘trophy wives’ but they surely are finding their older significant other to be more tolerant, respectful and understanding towards them than the younger men.

In the United States, on an average the bride is about 2.3 years younger than the bridegroom.

When older men dating younger women realize this, they either learn to keep up with the pace of their lady love, or the woman has to either understand his problems and deal with them or reconsider the relationship altogether. Difference in physical strength She wants to go on a trek, he might just want to sit in a fancy hotel room and sip on scotch or whiskey for a vacation.

Because she is young, she might want to try something more physically demanding and adventurous.

She also needs to be clear about making her own mistakes and learning from them, rather than take a leaf out of his life experiences and not try anything herself.

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