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They also played important roles in the administration of the dynasty and held offices such as the origins.

They were known to have exercised great influence in state affairs and the (queen mother’s representative fief). 1.11: Council of the Shehu of Borno in 1826 Slaves and eunuchs made up the servile.

The former, who have maintained their nomadic way of life, move from one place to another in search of pasture or grazing land for their livestock. 1.9: Fulani distribution in West Africa The pastoral Fulani’s life is principally basic and simple.

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Daura, Vice-Chancellor, University of Maiduguri, the significant contribution of Dr. Joji, Director, Centre for Distance Learning, University of Maiduguri and the reviewers: Professor Yakubu Mukhtar, Professor Mohammed Kyari, Professor Abubakar H. ITQ: In this unit, you are told that Nupe are a highly united group, what are the binding factors of their unity?

We also acknowledge the use of other free media resources accessed from the internet. 1 2.0 UNIT 1: NOTABLE ETHNIC GROUPS IN NORTHERN NIGERIA.. Many scholars believe that the early Nupe people originated from where they are presently (part of Kogi, Kwara and Niger States).

They generally adhere to a code of behaviour referred to as which suggests they must exhibit the following qualities: shiness, bravery, ownership of cows etc.

26 4.3 Cultural Areas of Nigeria And Their Characteristics. The latter have settled in towns and villages teaching, farming, trading etc. 1.8: A Fulani cattle herder The Fulani are widely distributed in West Africa most especially in the Sahel, wandering from one spot to another with their herds of cattle (Fig. In fact, they are found in almost every country of the Sudan zone of West Africa extending from the Senegal area in the West to the Upper Nile in the east. They strive to maintain their tradition and culture wherever they go.

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Another notable ethnic group in Nigeria is the Kanuri. The “So” version reveals that Kanuri were the original settlers in Kanem-Borno.

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