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Despite this, New Zealand men do quite well when traveling overseas.Most play sport or are active in some way, and with the sprinkling of Polynesian genes, are often rustically good looking.Travelers are seen as exotic, and if you take the daring step of openly showing an interest in someone, you should do well.

And yet certain traits remain common which are typical of new Zealanders.

So if you are male and heading down south, here is what you can expect of women from New Zealand.

Located in the southern hemisphere and tucked away to the southeast of Australia, New Zealand is a relatively newer country.

But its lack of history is more than compensated for by its younger, vibrant population which is a mix of several cultures and ethnicities.

Due to this women too here are taught to be resourceful and quick with their hands right from their childhood.

Unlike more prim European ladies, women in New Zealand don’t mind putting on their work boots and getting in the thick of action.

So stilted is male-female interaction most of the time that a drunken entanglement is seen as destiny.

Some blame the inherited Anglo-Saxon reserve along with the natural awkwardness from living in a small country where everyone is someone else’s ex, sibling, room mate or colleague.

Beneath the awkward exterior, they are also usually sincere and loyal.

New Zealand guys are used to women who are blunt and defensive so if you smile, bat your eyelids, and act girlish, you’ll attract a crowd.

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