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And that's the fun of it, never knowing what's next.All these stories, and more, were told on recently at Dime Stories, a new for Temecula, literary happening.

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For new writers and mid-listers, as well as those who self-publish, getting your name out there is key, Sanchez says.

Each writer is becoming her own marketing department. Sanchez, who has published many shorter pieces and is near to finishing her first novel, is convinced that writing well is the key to success.

Dime Stories International, the parent group, got it's start about 10 years ago, when San Diego Writer's Ink, a non-profit writer's group, asked one of its members, Amy Wallen, to start an open-mike event.

There were a ton of open mikes and poetry slams for poets, but slim pickings for prose.

"I'd been to many readings where I had to sit through several preliminary authors reading for 45 minutes or more to get to the main-event author, and I'd lose interest.

So I decided to keep the First Friday readings short -- three minutes," Wallen said.This has triggered a growth in self-published books, and on-line publishing.Electronic readers also contribute to the boon, as people can download books online.Before long, the stories, none longer than three minutes, begin to unfold.Sandy Schuster-Hubbard, humorously describes her book addiction, and how Kindle rescues her from a hardback swamping.Dime Stories Temecula had its first gathering May 31, at the Temecula Wine Country Art Gallery in the vineyards of the Van Roekel Winery on Rancho California Road.

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