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A BFR is a review with an instructor every two years to make sure you're still proficient and safe. , you need 3 landings to a full stop, at night, within the previous 90 days.If your 90-day landings have lapsed, you can quickly fix it with 3 trips around the pattern, taking off and landing each time (touch-n-go during the day, or full-stop at night).You will need to have a Flight Review within the previous two years that you will need to be able to pass (and you have to be , you will want to fly enough to be proficient and comfortable in the airplane so that you don't hurt yourself, others, or the airplane.

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This isn't required every 2 years, but you must have had a FR within 2 years of operating as a private pilot. The only requirement is one hour of flight and one hour of ground training with an instructor of your choosing.

The only other cost involved to operate as a private pilot would be a medical certificate from a designated medical examiner.

Then you would 'just' need to pass a BFR to become legal again, with no need to do the theory and practical tests over again (a BFR is not a test).

But you would need a valid third-class medical as well.

Medical Certificates are good for 5 years until you're 40, then good for 2 years.

Its a quick trip to an FAA approved doctor to examine you for any obvious medical conditions.You can go 50 years without flying, and the license itself is still valid.When it comes time to fly again, depending on the type of airplane that you want to fly, you will probably also need a medical.My main concern was that (a) at some point I my certificate would expire and I would have to go through the process again, making the initial effort practically useless, (b) that I may have to pay a significant amount of money to keep the certificate from expiring, or (c) that I would have to commit to a certain number of hours (instructed or solo) per year to keep the certificate.your license, while flying solo, you also need a Medical Certificate (if required for the aircraft or flight rules) and a Current BFR (Biennial Flight Review).The retraining is not mandated and I would need to retrain until I felt proficient enough technically and practically.

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