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We have no fake profiles, we don't buy profiles, we don't sell profiles, and we don't sell customer data. We adamantly support the modern lady and gentleman. We promote respect, benevolence, intellect, culture, and creativity. Fact: checking off interests or personality types will not find you your match. Just like Pandora or Netflix help you discover music and movies, our algorithm monitors real user actions to naturally select the Best Candidates for you. For more information, make sure to see what our members are saying or learn exactly how we stack up against other dating sites.

Other dating sites are plagued by canned pickup lines.

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Your support of the Library’s Robert Treat Endowment Fund helps to ensure that the New Jersey Information Center collections are enhanced and preserved in perpetuity. Many collections are already available in our digital archive @ org or read more about the project.

New Jersey ephemera is one of the Division’s most unusual and interesting areas.

With over 20 years in the business, our unique system – part social work, part specific matchmaking methodology – not only focuses on compatibility and chemistry (so you don’t have to), we also help you make better, more authentic choices.

Our reputation is our greatest asset and honesty lies at our core. In response to women's experiences on other sites, we require men to be verified grads of good universities. Say goodbye to spam and the endless online dating numbers game! They also continually monitor site activity and Date Feedback to uphold our standards.

John Cunningham Collection (Offsite) General | Subject List John T. Included in the collection are minutes, correspondence, notes, membership lists, clippings and press releases, flyers, and reports.

Cunningham, New Jersey author, donated these clippings, pamphlets, and photocopies of images used for his research in books. Galop was appointed by the County Executive Historic Preservation Officer and Acting Director of the Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs. Hellenic Heritage Collection This collection consists of photographs, certificates, passports, clippings, and ephemera reflecting the Greek-American community of Newark, New Jersey during the 20th century. Newark Celebration 350 Records The papers of the committee that funded events marking the 350th anniversary of Newark in 2016.Please go to our catalog for a full listing of collections.Our archives (as well as many from other libraries and historical societies) can also be found via the Newark Archives Project. Department of War, the Muncie Community Discussion Council, and the Newark Human Rights Commission.We also have collections dedicated to past mayors and other local officials, company records, and memorabilia including invitations, business cards, bumper stickers, posters, restaurant place mats and menus, seals, and buttons.Recent additions to our archives collections include the papers of former Star-Ledger editor Barbara J.Our clients are attractive, high-quality singles looking for the perfect partner.

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